Learning Japanese Verb conjugation?

Is there anything like WaniKani for learning Japanese verb conjugation? a website or app that makes it like a learning game? If not a good book for english speakers. Thanks for the help, just have not found a good resource for verb learning.

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Didn’t really make it a game, but there’s http://waniconjugation.co.nf and https://wkdonc.github.io/conjugation/drill.html


Thanks! I need help with this topic too afb’s am looking forward to trying these resources.

Those are good sites to practice what you learn.

This video (and probably the other videos in that particular playlist about Japanese conjugation) helped me a lot.

Disclaimer: yes, the voice filter physically hurts, but I personally find the info very useful. If it’s too much to bear: every video has subs so you can mute/turn it down low and read along.


The Genki Conjugation App is very good, but it’s not free. I think it was $5 or thereabouts.


$5.99 on Android… Might be worth a purchase. I’ll have to give it a closer look later on.

I’ve made a web app for practicing conjugation of verbs and adjectives. You can find it at http://katsu.arthurhoek.nl.


Here is shared conjugation deck for Anki if you use it.

There are a ton of conjugations here so you can always suspend card types if there is more than you are interested in learning.

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My verb ‘conjugation’ is pretty good now. I learnt most of it from The Cure Dolly channel on youtube. I find her breakdown of grammar concepts really helpful in most regards.

This is what I was looking for since years. Thanks a lot, it will save my life :slight_smile:

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ever heard of babbel?

This is AWESOME! :slight_smile:
thank you

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Bookmarked this HARD

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Thank you for your app! Quick question: The JLPT options are they cumulative? That is, verbs that are in N5 will also appear if I choose N1?

Yes, it’s cumulative. The level you select includes all words up to that level.

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