Is there a way I can check how close I am to

guru’ing certain terms and burning some of them? Obviously as a level one I won’t be burning anything any time soon but I am curious to know which terms I am close to reaching guru for.

I suppose there must be a script for this…

This might help you with what you’re looking for ^^

thank u i guess but still not sure how i can tell when i will guru certain terms?

There are progress rings around the items that indicate how close you are



@MissMisc what about vocab?

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Maybe this one?

You can also go to the lattice page for radicals or kanji or vocab to have a visual of item progress, and then clicking on an item would then bring up its page where you can check when your next review for it will be

You can also see your progression on any word by clicking through to it from the dashboard.

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