Is there a way to switch off automatically leveling up?

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I’m pretty much just here to ask the question in the title. I’d like to be able to finish going through all the vocab lessons of a level before leveling up to the next and seeing those two 0% bars staring me in the face. Also, there is something empowering about traversing to the next level by choice, ready to take on the next batch of unknown.


No, there’s no way to do this right now. Theoretically someone could make a script to hide the fact that you’ve leveled up until you finish all the previous level’s vocab lessons, but I don’t believe that exists either.

For what it’s worth, as long as you’ve guru’ed the necessary kanji, WaniKani will give you the previous level’s vocab before the new level’s radicals or kanji. That obviously doesn’t help with the bars resetting to 0% for the new level though.


I don’t believe there’s a way to turn off leveling up once you guru 90% of kanji as that would probably mess with the SRS system.

I totally get the whole motivation thing of not having to feel pushed to start at 0% until you’re ready, but that might have to just be ignored.

As for completing all vocab before starting your next level, just don’t do any new lessons until you complete what you want to do (although sometimes they give some new vocab after you level up-it’s weird).

Hope this helps. :blush:

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That happens if you guru a kanji from the previous level after leveling up.

Well they’d have to do the vocab lessons… OP could use Lesson Filter if they really don’t want to do any radical or kanji lessons until they’ve finished all of the previous level’s vocab lessons. To do that they’d have to manually check somewhere (not sure where) to see if they have unlearned vocab lessons and set the radicals and kanji to 0 in the script in the meantime.


I don’t mean to be self promoting, but this script allows you to remove the entire progress bar, if that at least kind of softens the blow?

Also this script shows all unfinished progress bars. Maybe that could kind of easy you into it?

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It is also a standard setting to do ‘previous level vocab’ first. But that still doesn’t let you see the previous level left over kanji on the dashboard.

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There is no switch for this, but if you don’t want to level up just don’t answer the last few kanji in your review.


You could get the items wrong, but honestly just take the level up. Cut down your reviews and then find the right time to tackle the lessons. Spread them out if you want.

Whether you’re taking longer on the current level or on the next level, ultimately there’s little to no difference.

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Yeah, the short answer here is take the level-up, but don’t do any more lessons until you’re ready.

Maybe post on the API/third-party apps and scripts board requesting someone make a script for this? Being actually held back might be beyond what a script can do, but it should be able to hide the new/show the old progress bars, and block access to next-level lessons.

(I think this is a really reasonable thing to want and it would be a pretty cool option to have for those who want to approach things this way. Yes, you can technically ignore lessons like the others on this thread are suggesting, but I agree there’s definitely some psychological stuff going on with seeing the progress bars reset.)

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