Oh no, I levelled up... (>﹏<)

I hope I’m posting in the right category… I just joined a few days ago.

So, I just levelled up… I didn’t read the FAQ beforehand and only now realized you automatically level up once you Guru 90% of the kanji of that particular level. Here’s the problem:

I’ve only done one up to two reviews of vocabulary items. I’ve got Kanji and Radicals memorised, but I don’t think the vocabulary will stick if I do lessons for level 2 now. Is there a script that let’s you advance levels manually (once you fulfill the prerequisity of course)? Otherwise I guess I’ll just withhold on doing the lessons, but it’s kind of distracting to see the lessons waiting for me… (´-ω-`)


I don’t think so. You’ll probably just have to abstain from doing the Lessons, which is difficult for me, being a perfectionist, but that’s the way it is. If there is a script for this, I haven’t heard of it.

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There are scripts, such as my Lesson Lock, which makes it so that it displays 0 lessons if you have too many items in circulation


Don’t worry. Everything for level 1 will keep coming up even as you learn new stuff on level 2. The advantage of an SRS is that it will refresh your memory at set intervals of the things you’ve learned from earlier lessons so you don’t lose them. And if you do, it’ll reduce the time interval so you can repeat them some more until they stick.

Not having everything on a level perfect before going to the next is natural and expected. Alarming at first, but totally normal.


There was something similar brought up a few days ago:

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This is expected, don’t worry!

Don’t pay much attention to levels, they are just to split studying into manageable chunks and protect you from going too fast.

You will learn the kanji and then the vocab for them before studying radicals for the next level if you don’t use reordering script.


There’s a script by @seanblue that controls which lessons you are seeing every day, so that you could achieve (I think) something to that effect.
(Using a tag because I do not have time to look up the link right now :sweat_smile:)

I don’t think my script would help much with this.

I’m thinking about the one that would balance radical, kanji and vocab lessons, so that all categories are solved in parallel at the same rate rather than doing most kanji at once and getting a bunch of vocab lessons while getting more kanji to study.
Using your script will get most vocab to guru before leveling up, which was the issue of OP, if I understand correctly.
It doesn’t solve the problem (?) they have right now, but it should help balance things in the future.

To add to everybody: you don’t need to do any (or all) lessons as soon as they unlock! you can pick an X amount of lessons a day, and just do that amount every day.


If you don’t feel confident enough to tackle your new level yet, just don’t do the lessons for level 2 and just focus on the vocab for now, use Kumirei’s script to hide/lock the lesson number if you’re too OCD.

It’s normal to have a backlog of vocab lessons/reviews at the end of the level, after all you need to level up the kanjis to get the vocab items unlocked, and you will only unlock some after you get all your kanjis to guru and move to the next level and also you don’t need to guru vocabulary to level up. That’s how it is and you better get used to it now since it’s intentional and it happens all the time. You’re supposed to review radicals, kanji and vocab all interleaved/mixed and from different levels.


I’ll be the contrarian and say don’t do anything at all about that. Just do lessons when you think you can stand a few lessons and don’t worry about which level which thing is on. The SRS will sort it out for you.

I mean, no sense making the easy ones on the next level wait for the hard ones on the previous one. The levels are arbitrary groupings anyway.

Would the crabigator let you down? Of course not.