Stop that level up!


I wanted to ask the community if there are any buttons or script that stop you from levelling up.

I know there are already threads out there asking for the same, but they are old, and perhaps in the meantime something changed. My problem is that I want to finish all my lessons before levelling up! I’d rather finish them all, get a day or two to just get through the reviews, to try and consolidate what I have seen during the last level, and then allow the level up to occur.

Does anybody know about a possible way to do this, and if not, have there been inquiries to the WK team to implement this?

Thanks for your help ^^


Hey there!

As far as I know there is no such thing that lets you halt level ups, even though it’d be a really convenient thing to just finish all those vocabulary lessons before jumping to the next level. There is a huge pile of lessons every time you level up, which is undoubtedly hard to deal with at once.

But luckily, you don’t have to do everything at once! I personally recommend that you can manually slow down with the lessons: start doing your lessons, but don’t engage on radicals until you feel comfortable with the previous lesson’s material. Pacing yourself something like this is going to be essential later on into your journey through WaniKani and Japanese itself!

Good luck! :innocent:


All levels end with a bunch of vocabulary and start with the radicals, so you could just take the lessons until you start seeing the radicals, at which point you stop for as long as you want. I don’t think it needs a special setting or button for this.


If it were me I’d just trust in their process — that’s why I pay them, they know more about this than I do. The levels are a bit of an artificial construct, I wouldn’t sweat them too much. You will always be learning and reinforcing what you’ve previously learned.

That said, you could probably make use of the Extra Study section to learn without advancing levels.


Thank you for your answers, all of you. That’s unfortunate, but as you all pointed out I can just stop myself. It’s unfortunate, as my completionist heart cries for not getting to cleanly finish a level, but I’ll take your advice and follow it.



I use the lesson reorder script to do new levels in this order: radicals → all available vocabulary (current and previous level) → and kanji last. By the time I get through the vocab the radicals have gurued so I can do all the kanji at once (or just get through all of them before the first kanji reach guru). That way I finish each level with a nice 0/0 for lessons and reviews. 気持ちいいです。


That’s missing the point, that’s exactly what they are doing. It’s a mental thing that’s annoying when you level up before you actually complete everything. It takes a way quite a bit of joy from leveling up.

@Sunstorm One option is to use the reorder script and not learn the last few kanji until you have completed the vocab. If you don’t want to use scripts, you can always force a fail on a few kanji to prevent the level-up.


Hey there Sunstorm!

I’m the exact same way! Here is a post I made on how I stop myself from leveling up, it’s really quite simple!

TLDR: Don’t go past 90% for the Kanji using Reorder Omega.

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the " , " in the title made all the difference from what OP was intending to say. The opposite actually.


No, money down!


You are right, I’ve changed it now :joy:


Thanks, Rychu! I’ll definitely try out your method. I’m already having kind off of a problem with the user scripts, as they seem to be glitching my reviews, but I’ll see if I solve that and then implement your method.

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U having opposite problem to what i have, wanna switch xd

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