How to stop leveling up directly?

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Currently I just got to lvl 7. But thats the problem. I still had open lessons and I did not want to get to lvl 7 unless I finished all lessons of lvl 6. But WaniKani is kinda forcing me to proceed to the next lvl as soon as I got to see all kanji at least 5 times? I even failed one kanji on purpose every time so I dont get the 5 check marks to improve my lvl, but that didnt help me.

Is there a way to go on to the next lvl on my own pace and when I really want to?

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

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You level up when 90% of the kanji items from your current level reach guru status. So that’s why getting only one of them wrong wouldn’t stop you from levelling up.

You could use a reorder script to keep lower level items at the front of your queue and only continue to the kanji that will trigger levelling up later. But I would say that the nature of how kanji affect both levelling and unlocking new vocab means it’s impossible to ever completely finish a level’s vocab before levelling up.


It’s worth mentioning that unless I’m mistaken, leveling up has no mechanical effect on the order you do lessons. Even after leveling up and getting a large pile of lessons, you will be given all the vocab from the previous level you just unlocked before any of the new lessons are given.

If you want to pace yourself between levels, you could simply work your way up to when you start receiving the new radicals and then stop doing lessons for a time, since then you would have done every lesson of the previous level.


Are you using some sort of lesson reordering? Because that would confuse matters.

Otherwise (as I always find, as I am not super accurate and levelling up takes a while at the moment) levelling up is not so bad, as you still have to finish all the vocab from the previous level before you get to the new level’s kanji anyway. So you’re still progressing at your own pace really.

(but if you’ve got some sort of re-ordering add-on, then you’ll get the new kanji straight away and a massive backlog of vocab from the last levels, I guess).

(that makes sense in my own mind… I hope it makes sense)


May I ask what exactly is the problem with leveling up? It’s not like there is content that disappears once you leveled up and as mentioned before you will still get the lessons from your previous level before the new ones come in. If you don’t want to proceed with lvl 7 just don’t do the lessons and wait until you feel like it’s the right time.


As others have stated, unless you are using a reordering script (and your options are set to the default lesson order, which is “ascending level then subject”), you’ll keep getting level 6 lessons even after you level up.

When you first get a radical in the new wave of lessons, it means you have gone through all the level 6 lessons. If by then you still want to soft lock your level, then you can stop taking new lessons at that point (specifically, if you do not take any new kanji lesson, you’ll not level up any further).


As everyone has said, you receive the previous level material before the new level, so it should be in order.

I understand your desire to halt the level-up though. It’s kind of rewarding to see an empty lessons tray and have completed most of the vocab words. You feel accomplished but don’t really get to celebrate that much before you get a lessons tray full of 70/80 lessons!

Try and pace yourself mentally. You have still completed what you need to and the new lessons can still wait until your complete the old level lessons. Try and recognise some of the new level kanji and use that excitement to give you something to look forward to. You can do it :smile:


You can use that. When you go to lessons, right click whatever level you’re on, and all those items are removed from that session. This is essentially what I do. I always do lower level items first, and I also do any vocab before new radicals and kanji.

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Thank you very much guys for all the warm comments! I will consider how I will go on, but thank you anyways, I kinda get the idea :slight_smile:

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I sometimes affect my level up by leaving a few (about 4, no less but sometimes more) kanji in lesson.
That way I can focus on all the other items first, get all the available vocabulary out.
Once I level those 4+ kanji will unlock new vocabulary that belonged to that past level. I just do them first, while on the new level.

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One thing that can be a bit annoying is that the dashboard updates with the new level, which you are not yet interested in. You can’t see the remaining vocab that easily. Also at least it was a bit of a letdown and made leveling pretty redundant, since when I leveled up I really didn’t.


:grinning: Nice to know!

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