Is there a way to make anki cards out of subtitle files?

I just started watching shingeki no kyoujin and in the very beginning they speak too fast and I see many kanji in vocab I haven’t seen :smiling_face_with_tear:

So I would like to know how to generate anki cards out of subtitles files and if possible

to count the words so I can see the percentage they appear more often in each episode. So the mroe common words I would right away learn them so I see they will be frequent from there.

I finished today ousama ranking and I could understand around 70% wtihout any of the above, but I see now it will be necesary for that anime :smiley:

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You could do the animecard format way of doing things. It will automatically generate a card with the audio of the subtitle, the subtitle, highlight the word in the sentence, and have a picture of the screen along with word audio on the back of the card for you.

EDIT heres what it looks like. idk if this is what youre looking for.


fantastic! I will set it up!

only the counter for words I guess would be missing, my idea is to have a top 5 or top 10 of frequent words per episode, so in the end I would do a “self review” if I know or not the word. Good exercise IMO.

besides, did you try that Alass script for resync subs? does it really work? it is really a pain to find and sync subtitles from kitsuneko.

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Ive never heard of that script. Its pretty easy to sync subs, though, since mpv has hotkeys to flip to next subtitle line. Just wait for them to say the first thing and flip to the first subtitle. Then use another hotkey to knock it back a hundred ms or two to compensate for your reaction time. The whole process takes 3 seconds so I never thought much about it honestly. In addition, I keep subs invisible while watching and only turn them on for one sentence if needed, so if they are a bit off I wouldn’t really notice.


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