Looking to create a Anki Anime related deck using WK word list

I’m trying to figure out how I will accomplish this plan, but I think it could be a really cool resource if it works out. I had an idea to mine all the WK words inside of a specific anime preferably one with lots of content like One Piece or something else with lots of episodes. I had planned to use a WK word list and somehow input it into an anime subtitle file that could find words that match up so that I could then go in and make whatever type of card I wanted to afterward. Also since the subfiles have time stamps you could easily find the corresponding episode and add audio and image as well!

If this is possible or anyone has any tips to get this done, please let me know! :slightly_smiling_face:

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sounds a little bit like the migaku browser extension.

Nice idea, I`ll stay updated :blush:

Ah! Very cool =O
Thanks for the link!

I may just be able to use this to get the job done. After watching I’m thinking now of how I could use the WK word list instead of the Netflix frequency list that he says he uses. That way I’m actually using the words that WK gives me and seeing them in context along with hearing them more often. If anyone is already experienced with Migaku and knows how I could do this let me know =)

Either way, thank you for pointing this out! Gonna start messing around with it today :stuck_out_tongue:

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