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This is after the 63 I needed to do before 7am… (maybe I shouldn’t have done 50 vocab lessons yesterday :man_facepalming:)

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Welp, I’ve got about 14 new vocab that I can’t seem to get past Apprentice 1 so they come back ever 4 hours and will continue to haunt me today :ghost:

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Much needed nap time. TY Benadryl :pill:


I’m a mess. Just leeched about 50 into tomorrow :frowning: 129 on deck. I just hope I don’t level up by accident. I have 139 on apprentice at the moment…

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If you have the script that arranges your items so you can do vocab first before kanji (you can also arrange it so you can do pre-level 7 stuff first too), then you can try to avoid doing level 7 kanji so you don’t accidentally level up! Also, just try to do a few items at a time if you aren’t already.

I tend to speed through doing all the ones I know first (constantly refreshing until I get to the ones I know), and then gradually get through the other ones that are like… hmm I think I know this but what is the meaning or reading again? And there’s the other ones you get where… what, I learned this?? And you have no choice but to just miss it and concentrate extra hard on mnemonics or create a new one for yourself so you don’t forget next time.

Sometimes just giving yourself time off from reviews if you’re making silly typos or guessing the wrong ones because they look similar helps because you can refresh your mind and try again later. Good luck to you!


Alright heres my mining setup and everything you should need if you wanna replicate it.

Base mining setup: My Mining Setup
Anime mining setup Anime - Animecards Site
Contained in that link are also
kitsunekko:Japanese subtitles - kitsunekko.net
lua script: 17.8 KB folder on MEGA
page I use for text hooking: Clipboard Insertion Page - Anacreon Edition
Chrome extension for auto copypaste: Clipboard Inserter - Chrome Web Store

Dictionaries I use: shoui Yomichan Dictionaries Collection [learnjapanese.moe] - Google Drive


Thank you :pray::heart:

This is definitely interesting to me, I’ll try to set it up this weekend:)

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Oh yes, I should swap the vocab first using the script, and keep the kanji at the end just to be save… I don’t know why I didn’t think of this :roll_eyes: It also dawned on me that I can just keep my lessons in the bank if I did accidentally level up… Nothing wrong with that, but I just hate seeings lessons to do for some reasons.

sometimes I even feel like “whoa, how did I get that one right?” and I’m certain I will leech it from guru in a week. And yes, most of the time I find myself coming up with a personal mnemonic for things, but sometimes I am grateful for the given mnemonics!

Thanks Hantsuki!



I just realized I kind of forgot to give you my goals for the day. I tried to post in your study log but I had made the “last 3 replies” and it wouldn’t let me :laughing:

Anyway, I’m having another weird day so I’m setting the bar low. I’m okay with that though!

All reviews up until 9pm
Read something in Japanese
Possibly some Torii
:no_entry_sign: Cure Dolly for now. I need a breather to make sure I retain what her first 6 lessons have taught.

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I have to admit, there’s something empowering about getting the same kanji / vocab wrong many times and then finally getting it correct, and knowing it will stick with you (hopefully).

Before level 7 I was using the self-study quiz like crazy, just to make sure I got all my reviews correct and got through my level in about 7-8 days. Now, I am not using it at all and I’m getting so many things wrong, just like I did when I started WK and knew nothing about user-scripts and all that fun stuff.

I’m sitting at almost 8 days of level 7, 134 apprentice items to chip away at, and have no intention of moving on until I actually feel comfortable doing so. It’s a neat feeling to just trust in the WK SRS system and not my own “obsessive” desire to be right all the time and move at a faster pace than I should be. Getting things wrong has never been this encouraging!

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You spammer you! Lol.
Good you’re taking care of yourself. That’s most important.

Btw, Yotsubato (I hope I spelled that right, on my phone so it’s hard to look up stuff) came TODAY. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I need whatever study guide stuff you have STAT!



:laughing: yes I am a terror!


SO IMPRESSED! I know you’ve been wanting to get on WK at other times of the day :slight_smile: I seem to always be on the forums… It’s my only social interaction, really, so heck, might as well!

I have nothing to contribute - I just love reading your study log - it’s always fun :smiley:


GLAD you think so :smiley: It’s really not a study log, but a place where anyone can just shoot the “breeze” if you will. I don’t care what goes on there, as long as it’s not vulgar :slight_smile:


I am procrastinating reading the Japanese book staring at me on the table because work was busy today and I’m sleepy. Oddly, putting it off until it’s later and I’m sleepier probably isn’t helping :stuck_out_tongue:

But I am getting to catch up on people’s adventures on the forum - does that count as studying? I think that should count…


So it’s more of a study lounge :upside_down_face:


HAHA I love that :laughing: Well, it is my log and I use it as a log, but it’s gone in so many different directions I should probably just rename it lounge!!!


:laughing: In these forums there’s often some Japanese language mixed in to everything else!

What do you mean? It’s a GIF thread, right?


HAHAHA :laughing:

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