Automated Anki cards from mpv player - need help

Problem: text hooking page doesn’t show subtitles

Current status of what I did:

  • Installed mpv player - it works (displays subtitles correctly)

  • Made a folder for the script and changed it the way it was described.

  • Installed Chrome extension Clipboard Inserter and allowed it (and Yomichan) to access URLs.

  • This is not relevant to the process yet but I also downloaded the Anki mining deck sample for Yomichan and adjusted it.

When I open the texthooker page with the clipboard inserter set to ON and start the mpv player with subtitles on no subtitles show on the page…

Thank you, any tips welcome.

Have you tried this one rather than the MPV script?

This is the one I mentioned in the resources thread that I tried out.

You can easily download it as a zip file:


Then extract into a folder:


Open the index.html page in a web browser.

Drag a video file onto the web page that opens, then drag a text-based subtitle file onto it.

Then you can select the text and look up words with Yomichan.

The browser extension seems to add a screenshot, audio clip, and subtitle text to the card as well, if I understand correctly.

I think this might be a better experience to create cards than using an MPV script. It’s at least worth trying just to see if it works out for you.

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Thank you! I’ll go for that.

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