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Hello everyone.

I’ve been digging into some new resources (to me anyway) this few days after trying to see what the people that do heavy sentence mining are using nowdays.

Of course Subs2SRS came to my atention, and I was already blown away about how easy was to create tons of Anki flashcards with this tool (that can include audio, images, kanji + furigana + translation, etc) .

I was already more than happy after finally been able to setup Subs2SRS in my Mac (via a VM anyway) … all those shows waiting to become multimedia Anki decks in a breeze.

So far so good. Until this morning, when I found this guy and his video on how to transform visual novel’s text into Anki… but first using a Japanese Text Analizer :astonished: :astonished: … a what???

Basically this tool that lets you put a text file, reads it, and throw you the stats of the most common words and kanjis!!!

You can whatch his video, it’s fairly well explained.

After searching some more I found this similar app , wich works for Mac too!!! :star_struck: :star_struck:

It looks like this


Throwing a text file that your can easily transform into formated spreadsheet to see all the goodies (kanji, kana, pitch accent, number of times, etc).

Besides you can filter your known words using the userfilter.csv file.

By the way you can get a list of your vocab list via your API in here. :star_struck: (thanks to the creator of this by the way)

Anyway this guys are thrilled with the app, and so am I now; it has tremendous potential (for me, I’ll get to make my Core decks of any show I want to see). TV shows, Anime, books, VN…

So. I don’t know if this has been posted here before (I checked), but if it has, bare my excitement :grinning:

Off course all the credit goes to the creator of this wonderful apps!!!


If you are getting into subs2srs and stuff like that then you might also be interested in MorphMan (because where does it ever stop anyway… :wink: ). I found it pretty useful at least.


In essence, it is a plugin that makes Anki present new cards in optimal order.
In detail, it is a system that keeps track of what you know (in terms of morphemes, which are like words or particles) across all your collection and updates card fields with their current:
k+N and m+N value. That is, how many unique morphemes does it have that you don’t know or your knowledge of isn’t mature. Thus known+N (k+N) and mature+N (m+N).
a list of the unknown / unmature morphemes
focus morpheme - for i+1 cards, the particular morpheme you need to learn to make that sentence i+0
morph man index - an overall suggested order to learn sentences in, which it uses to modify new cards’ “due” value to make new cards appear in order of difficulty

Or, tl;dr:

MorphMan will keep track of all the words/morphemes you know and reorder new sentence cards based on their difficulty to you.



I’m not quite sure how it works yet… but looks great, specially since the vocab deck only grows bigger.

Thanks!! This weekend suddenly feels like Christmas all over :hugs:

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