Is there a plugin to see total time spent on reviews? :)

I am just curious to see my stats about time spent on reviews and lessons. I see the number of days in level on wkstats, but am wondering about more granularity like number of sessions and time in sessions in a day?

Thanks so much for any tips!!!

either this [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline or this [Userscript] Wanikani Heatmap should work. neither show time though

I wrote a simple script that you could post in the console a while back which showed this. Let me see if I can find it.

Had to download all my post to be able to search through them properly, but I found it.


You can see the number of reviews in the wkstats dashboard:
wkstats :
Screenshot from 2020-01-28 07-57-44

I know this is not exactly what you wanted but it could give an estimate of the time spent.

BTW I think that measuring the time spent for reviews is problematic. How would the script detect whether you are really sitting before your screen and thinking hard at the solution or have left the page open and are doing something completely different (not necessarily on PC/phone)?

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Is there a plugin to see total time spent in WK community?

…wait! I don’t want to know :scream:


Sadly it’s native to Discourse


Here is yours, btw. Only 5 days.


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Hey, this is amazing!

I know this is a little vague question, but how did you write this? What are the requirements to built these scripts? Looks really cool :smile:
I’ve actually been wondering how people write 3rd party scripts, but seeing the code firsthand just made me more excited :joy:

The only real prerequisite is understanding how programming works. I took an introduction class in Python, so when I started writing scripts I was already familiar with programming concepts. If you’re completely new then I’m sure you can find something on Khan Academy or YT or whatever else. Learning basic programming is pretty easy.

As for writing specifically userscripts all I can recommend is looking at existing scripts as that is what I did. When I started I had never used Javascript before, I just looked at other scripts and tried to figure out how it all worked.

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I don’t want to know!! :rofl:
I used to be so slow first time around! A pile of 100 reviews would take me 2 hours! (at LEAST!)
Now I do a 100 pile in a mater of minutes =P

I’m nearing 100.000 total reviews O_o

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Thank you! I will give it a try.

Yup, that’s how it happens.
And now you’re amazing and prolific :slight_smile: :+1:


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