Is there a script that counts the time spent doing reviews/lessons?

I’m wondering how much time a day I spend on WK.

By time do you mean days or hours/minutes?

I mean that, yup.


Yeah sorry I should’ve read your post first :joy:

I don’t think that kind of script exists. Other people who know more about the API will probably correct me on this, but the API doesn’t give any information about the length of your review/lesson sessions.

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Would be easy to put together something which keeps a tally on the summary page


If time spent in the site is good enough could you just use one of the webtime tracking apps/add-ins?


I guess so. And if you combine it with the heatmap script, you can see the average response time per item. For example, if you have a total of 100 items that day and you spend 5 minutes doing reviews, then your average response time for that day is 3 seconds per item.


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