How many hours on WaniKani


I was wondering if it is possible to see how many hours one has spend on wanikani. Is there a way to see it?

Nikolas ・ニコラス

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If you use scripts, you can install the Wanikani Heatmap script which shows you your total time studied in the lower right corner.


I’d be interested in seeing how the time spent is calculated.
According to WK Heatmap I’ve spent 1021 hours.
According to WK History I’ve spent 394 hours.
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There is also the WK history website, where you can see a large variety of data, including your total time spend doing reviews.


I can’t speak for heatmap, but in WK History it’s calculated by looking at the time between consecutive reviews and summing those while excluding the ones where the time is larger than a given threshold. In WK History you can choose that threshold (30s, 1m (default I think), 2m, …).

The problem is that the reviews were only starting to be logged maybe around 2018 (not that sure). Maybe the heatmap script projects your time spent to before but I haven’t implemented such a thing in WK History yet. Maybe I should do that though :thinking: So the time shown there is just the time spent since some time around 2018.


Same for the Heatmap, though the default value for the Heatmap is 10 minutes. You can change this value in the general tab of the settings.

I believe it’s July 2017? I forget, but I was around when it happened :slight_smile: I don’t do any projection, though


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