Is there a way to see hours spent studying?

Searched for this answer, but can’t find it, so apologies if it’s a repeat question:

Is there an add-on to track hours spent using WK? I need to show 150 hours of study for my JLS application, and WK is both a large part of my studies, and the most likely to be track-able (vs a text book for example).

Thanks so much. Really appreciate any advice!!

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The Heatmap script has an estimate for time spent reviewing/doing lessons. WK does not record actual time spent, so an estimate is the best you’ll get


God I hope not.


Oh, really? I’ve been taking the time the script gives me as more or less an absolute truth. Do you know how the script estimates the time spent?

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I should hope I so, as I made the Heatmap grin
Every single review you complete has a timestamp for when it was completed (this is when both meaning and reading have been answered and the item leaves your queue). What the Heatmap does is accumulate the time between consecutive reviews, excluding any intervals longer than the session limit (this is a setting), which is set to 10 minutes by default. You’ll notice that if you change the session limit in the settings, your time spent estimate will also change.


I would find out the average time per review, and multiply it by the amount of reviews done and you get a ball park. There are ways to find out how many reviews has been done. Then add the time for making new lessons.

Edit: Just checked my heatmap and it said 390hrs studied, damn.

I discovered a very handy app a few months ago called “10000 hours” and that’s how I log my time. You start the timer, do your reviews or whatever else, and when you’re done stop the timer and it adds your time. It lets you add a comment too so you can look back at your history and see how much time you spent doing different things.


Oh woah, sorry :sweat_smile:! Thank you for the explanation. It sounds precise enough. It does make you wonder why WK doesn’t record time spent per reviews when they already record so much data though.

Anyway, thank you for the script, it’s amazing!


OMG. Didn’t know it actually records/estimates the hours.

Oh well.

Time: 631h 29m

That’s actually bit less than I expected, maybe the last 6 months after hitting Lvl60 has brought it down a bit (in average). I was assuming 1h+ per day, but I’m just about to hit 3 year streak so I’d be averaging only about 40 minutes per day.


Thank you so much for this. It looks like an incredible tool. :pray:

Mine says 13h 24m spent studying over 55 days. I usually spent a MINIMUM of 30 minutes studying, with the avg being closer to an hour. Do you know what might be causing such a huge disparity?

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This looks great. I’ll take a look. Thank you so much for the suggestion!


If you click and drag to select a range of days (or just click on a single day) it will give you more fine grained information to help you figure out what it’s doing.

Keep in mind that time spent reviewing and doing lessons are separate. Also the estimate does not work as well for lessons as you may spend more time looking through the lesson info than the session limit and it might go more than ten minutes between batches of lessons. And if you only do one batch of lessons then all the time spent reading the lessons is lost because the script only knows when the lesson was completed (when you answered the lesson quiz for it)

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Yikes… I need to get distracted/forget I’m doing reviews mid reviews less often…

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Hello, I use WK History for this!

Here it is explained in its forum thread. It has a lot of neat features like a wall of shame or how much time you spent doing vocabulry versus radicals etc.


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