[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

I wish we had Tsurukame for desktop/Mac OSX! Oh wait - can I install iPhone apps on the Mac OS?


Tsurukame is a Mac Catalyst app and supports macOS on 10.15+

If you’re on an Apple Silicon Mac, you can download from the Mac App Store.
If not, there’s not an official binary release, but you can build it from source with Xcode.

P.S. If you’re on iOS 12 and wondering about the crashing, please install TestFlight build 962 or higher, which corrects the issue.

@Vorpal I actually tried it and it works! The UI is a bit wonky but it feels fast and is comfortable. It’s currently superior in every way to vanilla WK right out of the box. Thanks!


Would it be possible to add a burned items review section to the app. That way people can review their burned items and then get a summary page at the end showing them what they get wrong just like in regular reviews?

Love the Tsurukame app by the way. It’s the only reason I use WaniKani as WaniKani lacks basic features like a dark mode for example. @davidsansome

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Is there a way to see patterns of use/common word combinations on the app?

I don’t know what this is. Everytime I see someone post a github link it confuses me. Lol

Just lost a 296 day streak (checked on Heatmap) because Tsurukame didn’t sync from iOS for four days in a row. No idea why. But how can this be? The reviews must have registered on WK, as I was also doing lessons.

I guess this is a problem created by what’s described here: API changes - Get All Reviews - what a shame.

Sorry if this isn’t the right place for a question (I’m not very a active in the forums).

I love love love this app on my iPhone, but I don’t understand what the Apple Watch app is supposed to do. When I open it, it just says Data Source, Review Count, Level. But it doesn’t give any information about those things.

Is there a write up or guide somewhere I can check out?

I am used to using the app Faming Durtles on my android phone and the scripts on my PC. I am new to this app so I am trying to better understand one of the options. How does Allow Cheating work. Does this only allow user synonyms and ignore basic typos? Or is this supposed to allow you to retype an answer if you make a bad spelling mistake (I suck at spelling in English, lol)?

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It allows you to mark as correct, add synonym, and ask later. The “ask later” option clears that card and puts it back in the queue (so, if you already answered the reading and you tell it to ask later on the meaning, or vice versa, you’ll have to answer both once it comes back around) and is the only way that I’m aware of to retype an answer. There’s no immediate retyping like with the Double Check script

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Thanks for the reply. Where is the mark correct button? I intentionally answered this wrong as an example. I also don’t see an ask again option.

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Click on the blue “+” left to your answer input box.

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Ah, I see, thanks. I didn’t realize that + was there because usually I didn’t hit the info button first. I didn’t even realize the icon changed.

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The app has not been updated to include them.

The Apple Watch app is just settings for its complication.

I wish there were more options for the complication. For example it would be nice to see a random kanji from a chosen set (leeches, burned etc.). I think kanjis would look great as a watch complication and provide some extra exposure to problematic items.

Do we know if they will be included in a future update?

The problem is that they’re not exposed in the API. See this issue for details:

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