Tsukame the traitor,help save my reviews!

Hello!I am using IOS Tsukame for our beloved WaniKani,but lately I stumbled on the problem:review at site and app differentiate very much and new kanji aren’t a viable in reviews.Maybe someone had the same problem?Dont want to lose a week of worth reviews
For example,normal review time doesn’t show
P.S.-how do I create spoilers for photos?

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It would probably be best to report it here :man_shrugging:

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It’s been laggy for me too lately. Usually it updates after some time… but you can also just log out and log back in, should solve your problem?

How do you view upcoming reviews and analytics? I can’t find that anywhere

I don’t really understand a question,but it’s because I use an app for Wanikani,where it is implemented.
If you use it,you can just click at the “show remaining” to see all aviable reviews

If you’re using the browser version you need to install a userscript for that, like the “Ultimate Timeline”.

thanks @VictorLino that’s what I was looking for!

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