[iOS/macOS] Koraigame - the legacy/experimental fork of Tsurukame

What’s Tsurukame anyway?

If Tsurukame is still updated, why should I care?

Tsurukame is open source, and I’d like to add a few features, some of which can’t or shouldn’t be added to Tsurukame.

Current additional features:

  • 824+14.7: Toggle answers in summary view
  • 824+14.6: Upcoming reviews list view
  • 824+14.5: Longest relative wait
  • 824+14.4: Always show arrow, expand submit button, split cheats
  • 824+14.3: Random lesson & review type order
  • 824+14.2: Allow optional dark UI on iOS <13 for dark-mode tweak users
  • 824+14.1: Exact match, typo-correct pause, Anki mode, notes, & show buttons
  • iOS 8+ support ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

How do I get it?

You can grab an IPA file from GitHub, which you can sideload via AltStore, which can sideload apps to your iOS device via a Windows or Mac computer.

Alternatively, if you have a jailbroken iOS device, you can just add the repository: Koraigame Repo

If you have an Intel Mac, and need a DMG, let me know, and I can try to cook one up.


I decided to actually release my own fork, if you want to try it :wink:

OK, thanks! If sideloading works, I’ll give it a try.

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Yes, it does. If you really wanted, you could also build from source :wink:

I posted in the main Tsurukame thread, but I think I was thinking of this “new” app Koraigame, which has Anki mode. I’ll sideload it tonight and let my thoughts known.

Is it offline too? I work on ships that go out to sea and don’t have internet all the time.

Hey I finally got around to trying this and I get this error when trying to sideload it through the alt store


Is there anything I can do to fix this? I don’t have a Mac btw I installed the altserver on my PC if it makes a difference

If you’re only looking to use Koraigame for Anki mode, just join the official TestFlight beta for Tsurukame and wait about 12 hours. It’s been approved for merging into the main app. :wink:

Oh great I’m in the beta so I’ll just wait for it to update

Thank you!

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No problem. I can make instructions to fix this problem, but if Anki mode’s the only reason you want to use Koraigame, then there’s no reason not to just use an official Tsurukame build.

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Koraigame is literally just Tsurukame with extra features and bugs :wink:

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Ok I will! I did that just now. But you also mean that the non-beta app is going to get Anki mode soon then too?

The official TestFlight beta already has it. Its sole purpose is to give a wider testing audience in hopes of accelerating bug fixes before it’s put on the App Store.

In other words, yes, Anki mode will come to the App Store Tsurukame.

I finally had time to try this but ran into a stumbling block immediately. You said to grab an IPA file from GitHub, but I didn’t see an IPA file from that link. I downloaded the .tar file, but that just extracts to source code.

I’m obviously not an expert at this stuff, so I might need more specific instructions, lol.

But also, before I get too deep here, is there a feature that allows users to order reviews by type and level? That would be the main reason I’d want to install this, and I didn’t see that in the release notes.

In assets right above the source code, there is a:


Thank you. Not sure how I missed that.

Yes, Koraigame adds by type (review type order) and level is a main Tsurukame feature (review order).

There’s a type order precedence setting to specify whether you want the type setting to have precedence over the level, or vice versa.

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Are people still trying out mac intel versions? I’d love a DMG if possible. Definitely need an offline version to try on mac

I haven’t made compiled binaries in a while. You can use Xcode to run it in the meantime. :wink:

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Hi! if you have the DMG for macos i’d love to try this!!!

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Just sent my Mac in for repair, but I can try to make one when I get it back…

I assume you have an Intel Mac on 10.15 or above?