[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

I submitted reports through TestFlight, but I wanted to share with others who may be having the same problems that I have been experiencing some weird bugs with the latest TestFlight update.

One of them is about how the full reading may not be displayed when you get a reading answer wrong; e.g., 巻尺 only displayed まき when I incorrectly answered まきしゃく. When you view the item by itself though, the full まきじゃく reading appears. This bug mildly interferes with learning and practice (a workaround to find out the full reading is to play the audio file).

Another issue is that kanji now have the audio icon, but there are no audio files for kanji. This bug doesn’t interfere with learning and practice.

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I haven’t used Tsurukame in a while but was it always like this? I just updated it to latest version iOS. When I get an answer wrong, it doesn’t show the reading explanation, only the meaning. It makes it pretty difficult to relearn/refresh mnemonics :confused: However, I can see both explanations when I access them from the “show all”.

Sometimes only the reading explanation appears.

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Based on the screenshots this looks like a pretty standard behavior.

  • When you get the meaning wrong it shows the meaning explanations.
  • When you get the reading wrong it shows the reading explanations.

In short the explanation type always match the question type, at least in the screenshots you posted. Or did you experience cases where the explanation didn’t match the question type?


Oh okay, thank you for your help! I think I just got used to the other app where it displays both reading and meaning. It would be nice if they could add the option to see both. Also, is there any way to edit/add mnemonics while doing reviews?


I guess this functionality is meant to make it harder to cheat. It is possible to see both mnemonics by tapping the little kanji representation that shows up once you get both the meaning and reading correct.

I don’t think there is any way to edit/add mnemonics at all in Tsurukame… (if there is, I would like to know as well)

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Hm, I see. I haven’t done WK in a couple months and I think I’m just seriously mixing up Tsurukame and Jakeipuu lol. Honestly I do prefer Tsurukame for the UI and “smoothness”of the app but it seems it’s lacking a lot of customizability and features. It’s still my favourite kanji app though, don’t get me wrong!

Hi, does anyone know how can I play the reading voice manually while I’m in lesson?

TestFlight beta 1.23.866 and onward have a nicer-looking “Show all information” button below the component parts. The latest App Store version has the “Show meaning” and “Show reading” buttons in reviews for the same purpose.

Any of the aforementioned buttons will reveal the other explanation; this is to prevent you from accidentally cheating (revealing the explanation before you’re ready)

TestFlight beta 1.23.858 and onward improve the UI for editing/creating notes. In the latest App Store version, you could do so by turning on the edit notes in reviews settings.

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I believe this is issue #512 - kanji don’t actually have any audio in the first place to play, only vocabulary.

In the future, use the issue tracker on GitHub as requested in the OP.

Sorry for the delay in responding. I have updated to the latest Testflight version and reinstalled offline audio again and am still experiencing the same bug regarding offline audio not playing and a popup appearing saying that offline audio is unavailable. I haven’t had a chance to check if the other issues I mentioned are still present.

Also, I just wanted to poke again about the possibility of getting a shortcut key for toggling open/closed the item info dropdown that can be opened after you get an item wrong. (I use an external keyboard.) WaniKani’s website uses “f” for this, but any shortcut would be fine and make the app a lot easier to use for anybody like me who uses an external keyboard. (Admittedly, I’m not sure how many people that is.)

Edit: It looks like the following additional issue is still present: (1) get a review wrong (2) open the more info dropdown (3) press enter on an external keyboard to advance to the next question. (4) nothing happens. If you omit step (2), it advances to the next question as expected.

Edit 2: Another issue I am experiencing is that there appears to be no way to add a synonym that differs by one letter from an existing synonym if you have the “exact answers only” strict mode enabled.

By any chance, have you confirmed this on vocabulary? Kanji don’t have any audio (the audio button showing for them is a bug)

I just opened an issue to track this: Feature Request: Keyboard Shortcut to Open/Close Item Details in Reviews · Issue #529 · davidsansome/tsurukame · GitHub

Is this the same issue? Next Button Disappears · Issue #475 · davidsansome/tsurukame · GitHub

That shouldn’t be happening. Are you sure you have allow cheating enabled? The only condition in the code for the add synonym choice to appear is that you’re performing the meaning: tsurukame/ReviewViewController.swift at 245fb0ccfa7bafadae27dfe8c8b937800487b5f1 · davidsansome/tsurukame · GitHub

Yes, in fact it only happens on vocabulary. In fact, it consistently happens immediately after submitting the reading question for every vocab item, without needing to press an audio button or anything. The only thing that you need to make sure of in order to trigger the behavior is that you disconnect from the internet prior to starting the session and remain disconnected. Are you unable to reproduce?

No, it is a different issue I think. The next button is always visible for me. Furthermore, unlike the issue you linked, where the problem only happens sometimes, my problem happens consistently every time. This is just a wild guess since I haven’t looked at the code, but could my problem be caused by the keyboard event listener being on a particular UI element which no longer has focus once you press the info button? I notice that other keyboard shortcuts like backspace also no longer work after pressing the info button, so this seems like it could be a reasonable guess as to the root cause.

Are you able to try using an external keyboard to reproduce the issue? (You would need either a bluetooth keyboard or a usb-c to usb adapter or a lightning to usb adapter.)

To clarify, the problem is that when you have the “exact answers only” setting enabled, entering a word that differs from an existing word by one letter as the answer during reviews just shakes at you (as expected). But this means you can never get to the wrong answer screen, which is the only screen that lets you add the new word as a synonym. So as far as I can tell, the only way to add a word that differs by one letter from an existing synonym as a new synonym is to first disable the “exact answers only” setting. But this means you have to exit the review session and lose your progress. (Using the wrap up option to finish your progress isn’t a solution in this case because it would require you to complete the current outstanding review for the item you are trying to add a synonym for before you have the chance to add a synonym. And once the item is completed, it is not in your review queue anymore, which is the only place you can add synoynms.)

Edit: A good solution for the synonym issue might be to have the info button appear after the screen shakes on meaning questions.

I did about 100 reviews offline on the app yesterday and it seems either 19 or none of them were recorded

Use TestFlight :wink:

I get it now. I’ve opened a new issue to track this:

That’s possible. I haven’t tested it, but I wonder if adding a keyboard shortcut to push the reveal answer would work (since there doesn’t seem to be problems when the reveal answer automatically setting is on), like this commit (not yet in a PR) would do:

I’m afraid I haven’t tested to confirm or deny it yet.

That would be fine with me.

Also, it looks like the reproduction steps I provided for the enter key not being recognized do not consistently reproduce the issue. I’m unsure of why, but if you press backspace instead of enter, then the steps do work consistently. (I.E., pressing backspace after answering a question lets you retype the answer but nothing happens if you press backspace after revealing the answer.)

Finally, for the offline audio, if you have an opportunity to try reproducing it and it doesn’t reproduce for some reason, let me know, because it is still 100% consistently reproducible on every device on my end.

I have my apps set to autoupdate whenever connected to wifi (which I was the morning of that day), so I’m not sure what you mean.