[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

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The TestFlight beta has been updated to allow audio playing again, on version 1.23.854 and newer.

You can access it by clicking on the GitHub link in the first post, or searching this thread for the direct TestFlight link.


I just want to say thanks! Your app has been a game-changer for me! Thank you

Works great, @davidsansome, @UInt2048, thanks! I like the note adding feature as well.

Just a heads up.

The other files (character images) will receive the same transition to a different hostname and different filename pattern soon.

Briefly looking over the following file, I don’t think the change will break the images. Seems like they aren’t treated the same as pronunciation audio with the URL handling.

I just noticed the following toggle:

Upcoming type over SRS
In the upcoming reviews list, break down types i...

but I can’t figure out what it does or even what the Upcoming Reviews List is. Is it the graph or something else?

Thanks, @UInt2048, @viet, and anyone else contributing to the speedy discovery and fix (like @davidsansome – sorry I missed you)! Really appreciate you! :grin:


Oh, I see, the key word here is “Upcoming.” It’s not there yet, even if the toggle is.

No, upcoming is just describing reviews, as in the upcoming reviews graph.

The list actually is there, but you have to tap on the aforementioned graph to see it. :wink:

Offline audio isn’t working for me in the testflight beta. I deleted and reinstalled the offline audio but during reviews I get a popup after every reading question saying offline audio is unavailable if I am not connected to the internet and audio does not play.

Edit: Another bug: if you get a vocab answer wrong, view the answer information, view information about a kanji in the vocab by clicking the kanji and going to that page, then go back to the previous screen (the one that shows the wrong answer information) and hit enter on an external keyboard, it does not advance to the next question. The expected behavior is it does advance when you hit enter on the wrong answer page, which works if you do not go to the kanji page.

Edit 2: Another issue is that the app does not appear to allow submission of the next answer until the audio for the previous answer finishes playing (but only if the audio for the previous answer has already started at the time you try to submit the next answer).

Edit 3: This may be the same issue as edit 2, but I’m also experiencing noticable lagginess in the text input area, usually during audio playback or right after audio finishes playing. Does anything related to audio playback happen in the main ui thread?

Edit 4: Also tagging @davidsansome

Edit 5: Also, some radicals like gladiator are displaying in a very small font size during reviews compared to the size of other items (2-3 times smaller).

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Also, would it be possible to add the same shortcut “f” that wanikani uses for showing the box with the correct answer when an external keyboard is being used with the app? Or is there some shortcut already that does this? The only shortcuts I found were that backspace works for retyping and enter works for submitting, but I couldn’t find any others. Is there a list somewhere?

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Hello! My sound stopped working on Tsurukame, vocab doesn’t read out the word any more? Any way of getting it back?

@est_fills_cando @AliceFace Please ensure you’re on the latest version of Tsurukame - App Store version 1.22.3 or TestFlight version 1.23.854 should have fixed the audio problem.

Are you still experiencing the other issues?

Hey! first thank you very much for all the work on this app, it’s greatly improved my wanikani experience.

Since the last update on App Store I have the offline audio which stopped working as @est_fills_cando mentions on his previous message, which is a bit annoying for doing reviews while commuting.

Another issue I have which is less annoying is that when I check an item I juste reviewed by clicking on the lower-left corner of the screen, often the meaning explanation or reading explanation paragraphs are missing from the item. In this case I just go back and click on the item again and it’s fixed. Edit : this second (minor) issue appeared with the update that added the item SRS stage / start / next / passed date section

Hello! Thank you so much for this app. I have a small UI suggestions. On the Upcoming Reviews graph, because of the non standard hours on the X axis, it can be hard to understand the time frame, i.e. how many days it spans. My suggestion would be to add a very light background on alternating days from the midnight to midnight points. Screenshot attached. Thank you so much again!


Hi all,

I’m having a rough time trying to figure out why my reviews aren’t synching to my wanikani account properly. It only does around 2-4 each time I swipe down to refresh. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled a bunch of times, and have switched over to the TestFlight version.

I’m sure this is a repost, but I really can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any advice out there on how I might fix this?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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I’m having this same issue. Logging out and logging back in works temporarily, but hopefully this bug will be fixed soon because it’s slowing my progression.

Should be fixed now in the latest TestFlight, if not please say so

I am having TONS of issues with syncing.
I live and work in an area without consistent cell service or wifi so use the app to do my reviews offline. When I am in cell/wifi range, most times my progress will not sync with the website. I tired to open the app and refresh it multiple times, swiping down, hard closing and opening, turning off my phone and restarting, and have even reset my API token. If I log out and log back in, it will have sync’d to match the website, but that usually means I have lost my progress. Not sure what else to do?

Adding - if I work on the app already in cell/wifi range, it syncs fine


Same issue as the above two posts. You can use TestFlight or wait for the next update. Technically, in the current app, each attempt at a sync will sync one more item, so if you want you can just keep refreshing until everything is synced.

Even with TestFlight the syncing process is very slow. It seems to sync around 50 at once and I constantly need to refresh the WaniKani page, close the app and reopen, refresh WaniKani, etc…and even then sometimes it syncs sometimes it doesn’t…

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