[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews


Can confirm I’m seeing 久 + the vocab as well and reviews show different numbers on app and site.


Sorry, my wording wasn’t the best. I am actually developing my app, not related with Tsurukame at all, since I’m working with Android.


Hey, sorry it took so long to reply, I’m not that active in the community.

I was also using Java and Jsoup. What I can tell you is that the developers tools from your browser are your new best friends. I’m using Firefox, and you have this Network tab that watches for every request made by the page you are at the moment, and also the Storage tab that keeps track of the cookies and stuff.

To do any kind of web navigation programmatically, first try doing it manually and keep track of the request/response and cookies using these tools, and then replicate that navigation with code. That’s basically it, but it’s very general. DM me if you have any problems, I could help you out!


Hey Zingaro, sorry for the late reply.

As I stated above, I’m not continuing this project, but I really liked the way it handled the reviews and lessons, and used that as a motivation to start my own project.

I’m a beginner, haven’t done absolutely nothing in Android before. I’m making some progress but it will take a loooong time, since I’ve to learn how to do every single thing (mostly UI and code-conventions, since this is the first time I’m working in a project this big), and I’d like to have an experience as close as possible to wanikani.

I’m hosting the work on github but it isn’t public yet. I’d like to have something I could call a beta (hell, even an alpha) version, but I didn’t get that far yet.


Hi guys.

Yeah, WK for Wanikani is by far the main way I interact with Wanikani, very practical to pull out my phone and do reviews whenever I’m waiting for something – but there’s a single feature that’s sorely missing everytime I take a flight and desperately want to do Japanese reviews: no offline support. So yeah – whatever’s easier – adding offline support to WK for Wanikani, or porting Tsurukame to Android (since the offline functionality has already been “cracked” there) – I’d just like to do my reviews offline, utimately, and I’m willing to help development towards such a feature.


Hey jonanaht, no problem.
You’ve clarified you’re not talking about Tsurukame at all, but another Android app.
So my original question remains, can you share the Tsurukame code on Github so we can try to port to Android, or is that a hopeless cause?


Tsurukame is already on GitHub as posted by @davidsansome before quite some while:


Oh - thanks dunsany. I missed that. Looks like I have a lot to play with then. :slight_smile: Thanks again.


Very impressive app! Is there a PayPal or some other donation option?


Or Bitcoin ^^


I think there was a change in how the “ask again later” works. Previously it only asked the meaning or reading depending on on which you used it. Now it resets the question for both the meaning and reading which is quite annoying to have to type the other again (even though you had already answered correctly on it).


Thanks for your work on this app, @davidsansome. I’ve been using and enjoying it.

I have a couple of suggestions:
-I would appreciate having the option to view an item’s information even if I get it right like I can in WK.

-At the end of a review session tsurukame shows me the items I got wrong only. I think it’s be great if I could see all the items reviewed, right or wrong.

-I don’t know if this is possible, but if there is some way in ios to use the Japanese keyboard without having it suggest kanji, I would love to be able to practice with that keyboard without having it help me cheat.

Thanks again for the app!


Which Japanese keyboard are you referring to. The iOS Romani keyboard and the Tsurukame IME are pretty much identical apart from the annoying habit it of the typo protection on most of the English language keyboards really prefering ‘ta’ when you want to type ‘tsu’


The kana keyboard.


I’m not sure if you noticed but when you get both the reading and meaning correct, it shows up on the bottom left and you can view the information about it. I assume it waits till you get both correct since there is only one screen with all the information.

On an unrelated note, does anyone know why sometimes the information is wrong? I assume it has to do with the fact that WaniKani updated/changed some of the stuff, but I would think the app is just pulling the info from the site every time so I don’t know why it accesses old information. For example, one of the words mentioned how “you learned this reading with the kanji” when in fact, I had not.


The past few days I had been doing large reviews sessions to catch back up, so I didn’t notice this. But I came here today to say the same thing. I kept messing up a reading and then I finally realized and was like “why the heck does it keep asking the meaning??”

I’m not sure when this changed, it didn’t seem to happen before. I hope this can be fixed. I like to do WaniKani from my phone a lot, but if I’m doing 100+ reviews, it’s gonna take a decent bit longer if I keep having to reanswer questions. Not the worst thing in the world to have an issue with, but definitely would love to get it fixed.


Either way, thanks for your work on this app!


For the last week or so the app crashes everytime I open it. I assume it has to do with the fact that I have ~1000 reviews due and very little free space on my phone? I cleaned up today, it‘s 3,5 GB now, but it still crashes.


First of all, thank you @davidsansome for your app.

I’m trying to get back to Wanikani with a dreadful +2600 reviews to tackle, while at the same time discovering the new radicals… Needless to say, things are not looking good!

When I launched Tsurukame hoping to get back on track, the app crashed on me, both on my iPhone and my iPad. I deleted the app on my phone and reinstalled in from the Appstore, and now I can’t even log in :frowning:

Any suggestion?

Thank a lot!


Looks like you have the same problem as me. Too many reviews.


What’s the maximum the app can handle?