[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews


There are many horror stories regarding people abusing the reorder script. So it should be left as optional. I much prefer the order by level.


In case it is helpful, I’m also getting crashes every time I input the answer for the kanji

Unfortunately the iPad updated itself automatically before I saw the post.


Hi! I love the update but have noticed a few things:

  1. Whenever I try to hit wrap up or end review session the app crashes for me.

  2. Pressing enter from my iPad’s keyboard no longer makes takes me to the next item after I’ve reviewed my mistake, I have to touch the screen for that. I have the reveal answer automatically option on.

(Will be back if I notice anything else)

  1. Now, it crashed for the kanji 真.

  2. Tried doing reviews from my iPhone and it crashed after 13 items. Tried two more times and found it crashes at 定.


Hi! For me it crashes everytime after opening the app when clicking somewhere ;(


I noticed one other bug: When the reviews show a Radical, and I’ve selected the option to show random fonts, I get nothing but a blank area where the radical should be (I’m guessing because most radicals aren’t real kanji, but are non-standard pictograms). I can workaround it by tapping on the screen to swap back to the default font to see it. Maybe you can change the code to force radicals to only show in the default font?

GREAT new update by the way. I really like that you’re continuing to add thoughtful new features. Do you take donations through Paypal? This app is worth more than free.


Woops just updated before I saw this ^^


I’m the exact opposite :smiley: I really would like to do some vocab for the kanji I’ve unlocked before doing more kanji to reeinforce the older kanji, instead of jumping in to new ones. I always do all my vocab for the previous level if I level up before starting the new level, though. For me it just helps a ton for remembering the readings if I’ve learned some words that use it.


Does nobody care about Android? snif
Surely I can’t be the only Android user out there.
Any light shed on this would be appreciated. Thanks.


I haven’t run into the crashing problem, possibly because I’m low level and just haven’t run into the missing radicals yet.
But I just hit level 6, and I’ve been using the new version for a few days now, and I haven’t any syncing issues since then. The app and the site seem to agree nicely on how slow the progress is that I am making :wink:


This problem showed up for me. It can be fixed in iOS. Go to Settings -> General -> Language & Region and check the preferred language order. If Japanese isn’t there, add it. If Chinese is also there, put Japanese before Chinese. That should fix it for you.

The problem is not “minor differences”… it’s literally “not Japanese” kanji showing up. But not a problem with the app. :smiley:


There’s a nifty android app for WK that I forget what’s called. I especially liked the feature of being able to look at kanji and vocabulary per level. The iOS apps available don’t have that. There’s no offline feature, though.


Has anyone else had the problem of getting repeat reviews with Tsurukame? It happened to me twice today. Also, it showed 4 less reviews than I was supposed to have for this hour.


This? :3

It’s this app. On the app store it’s called… WK for Wanikani :rofl:


Yeah, that one. LOL. Hopefully AlliCrab or Tsurukame adds a feature like that cause it’s hella convenient!

Thanks, Joe JPR! :sparkling_heart:


Level first then shuffled, please!


Hello, I believe the newest update has some problems. The app crashes after 1-3 secons every time I open it. I just updated today and this started happening. Check it out whenever you have some time, please @davidsansome :raised_hands:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


Oddly, I have 0 reviews on the website and 8 reviews in Tsurukame… not sure what to think of that.


Nevermind! I re-installed the app and it works fine now. I lost some 1,000 reviews done, but it’s not the end of the world, しょうがない :muscle:t2:


Gosh! Good luck with you doing em over!


@davidsansome just to let you know that there’s still some oddities relating to the number of reviews and lessons reported to be available in the app as opposed to actually being available on the site.

For example, I always see 久 again this way, along with the vocab 久しい and 久しぶり, and even when I burn them they still reappear. In a similar vein, the likes of 待たせる and 待ちぼうけ can be completed repeatedly and still reappear when the app is reloaded, and 知り合い reappears even though it’s now supposedly one level above what I’m at, even though it was originally in a lower level when I learned it.

And I’m not sure why the app reports I have 14 lessons when the site reports 13.

It’s always the same reviews that appear when I log out of and back into the app (in an attempt to fix the problems), which seem to coincide with the changes to WK that happened just recently. Is there a definitive way to fix these issues? I have exported my local-cache.db if you need it to help figure out how to solve the problem.