[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews


Hi, I’m still experiencing an issue with the app not displaying the correct number of reviews on iOS, even after deleting the app from the device. Was there a solution or workaround for this?


Same here. I really like the app, but it seems to miss reviews sometimes.

Over lunch today, Tsurukame offered me 38 reviews, while the web dashboard showed 43 available reviews. And when I finished the 38 on the app, it showed 0 available, while the web app still showed 5. I tried force-closing and reopening the app, to force a refresh, but no luck. I could complete the 5 remaining reviews on the web app without problems. This all happened within the 12:00 - 13:00 hour, the review queue didn’t get a chance to roll-over during the review session.

iPad Air 2, not upgraded to iOS 12 yet.


It’s been a really long time and clearly my procrastinating habits didn’t help, but I am developing the app right now! I’m having trouble with the login to the site, I think I’m missing some session cookies in the request headers, but I can’t find which is it. Could you help me out once you have some time? Thanks!

Edit: Nevermind, i got it. If anyone needs help with this, hit my DMs and hopefully I can help you out with what I learnt.


I’m having a helluva time trying to build an app that can log in. I’m using Java and Jsoup. Do you have any advice based on what you learned?


Wait, did development of Tsurukame move to you?


Exactly what I was thinking.

Is it too much to ask for a widget option?


Just did 184 reviews and 23 lessons only to find it never propagated to wanikani. I was connected to the internet the entire time. I saw some people in this thread saying that logging out in the app would fix things. So I did that and all the lessons/reviews are back, my progress has been lost, so now I have to do them all over again. :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

Not sure if I’ll ever use the app again because I don’t want to have to do reviews twice! So frustrating! Which is a shame because it’s otherwise a fantastic iOS WK experience. I actually prefer the way lessons are on my iPad, all on one screen. Why isn’t there a button or something to push what you’ve done locally to the server??? How do you make it sync? This sux.

I know it’s a free app so I shouldn’t complain too much but it really blows to have to do reviews you’ve already done.


It seems there are synchronization issues indeed. Yesterday I’ve had reviews still show up on the app 12 hours after I had done them already on the website.
I fixed it by logging in and out, but like @masterfulExit said I’d be upset if it was the other way round and I had to do reviews a second time.

I can generate a data export next time it happens if that’s helpful.


Before you logged out did it say you had queued updates? (it’s on the bottom on the main screen). Normally it says “You’re up to date!” Sometimes the app wouldn’t send the updates but that has always been fixed by restarting the app for me.

Logging out possibly removed the cached review progress.


There is a way to wrap up by pressing the back button during review. It then gives you an option to exit or wrap up. It gives you a 5 item counter.

Also on the bottom of the main screen there is a status for queued updates. Sometimes the app wouldn’t send the updates but that has always been fixed by restarting the app for me.


Hey Jonanaht.
I would love to see this on Android!
Looks like a great App and I think should be available to WaniKani Android users too.
Did you make any progress in developing the App?
Is it completely unfathomable to port Tsurukame to Android, or to implement its offline functionalities in “WK for WaniKani” (anybody know who the developer is)? What are the technical issues, and are there any ways I can help develop it?
Thanks so much.


I’m also having the sync issue, did about 70 reviews and none of them are showing up on the website or my iPad but my phone says I have 0. Kind of scared to log out in case they might sync later, but restarting the app and phone haven’t done anything. “Queued Updates” just says “You’re up to date”. Background refresh is enabled for the app and I’ve also tried toggling wifi. Definitely done with the app for now.


Hey @ejplugge, @masterfulExit, @Asterix, @49e808b2d6,
Sorry for the sync issues! The good news is I’m pretty sure I’ve found the problem. I’ve just submitted a fix to the app store and it should go out in a couple of days.
In case it doesn’t fix it, this new version also has more useful debugging info in the “Export local database” thing in the settings menu, so if you still have issues after installing it, please tap that option and send the file to me.

I’ll post again here when the new version is approved by Apple!


The new version is now available in the app store!

After you install it you’ll need to log out and log back in again if your review counts don’t match up with the website, but in the future they should stay in sync.

If you notice any more weirdness in the future please go to the app settings, hit “Export local database”, and then email it to me@davidsansome.com. It now contains an error log that’ll make it easier to identify problems.

The other changes in this update are:

  • Add review notifications (thanks André Arko)
  • Add a random font option for reviews (thanks hesch)
  • Add a setting to hide old mnemonics from radicals (thanks Christoph Nakazawa)
  • Add a quick settings side menu to the review screen
  • Fix a bug where the review counts on the app icon and the main screen wouldn’t refresh
  • Make “Ask again later” put the item back at the very end of the queue
  • Fix “mark as correct” behaviour when answering a question a second time
  • Fix a small animation glitch when the labels would be replaced with “…” for a short time


Does Tsurukame have the function to order lessons by type (Kanji, Radical, Vocab)? I thought I saw that it could somewhere but I can’t seem to find that post now.


Installed, first reviews done, notification worked. I really like the typefaces you picked, lots of handwriting styles. I’d love to see a few more blocky styles as might be used in advertising. I sometimes have difficulty recognising the kanji with those.

Thanks for the hard work.


@davidsansome I am consistently getting crashes when I input the meaning for 題 . At first I thought it was the new typefaces so I turned them off but it still get crashes. Other kanji and Vocab seem fine.


Argh sorry about that. It looks like a bunch of radicals weren’t included in the data file in this release, so whenever it tries to load any of them it crashes. I’m not sure that happened, but I’m making a new release now to fix it.
It’s probably better for anybody else to hold off updating for the next day or so.

For lessons it’ll always order by level first, then by type (radical first). Is there another order that would be useful?

Tsurukame app crashing on 整

Yes, for speed levelling, I always do radical and kanji of new level first, and only then vocab from previous level. In fact, this is one of the few times I ever use the desktop site at all.


When I have a lot of reviews to do, I tend to use a reorder script to do all kanji/radicals first, then spread out my vocab reviews throughout the day. Being able to reorder Tsurukame to do the same would be awesome.