Incorrect reading answers going through as correct

Hey, since this morning, whatever I type as a “reading” answer gets accepted as correct. It only happens for readings, incorrect meaning answers still get marked incorrect.

Has this been happening to anyone else?

I am running a lot of extensions (Open Framework, Open Framework Additional Filters, Self-Study Quiz, Leech Trainer, WaniKani SFW, WaniKani Review Order and Wanikani Double-Check)

But I can’t work out if an extension (or which extension) is causing it.


It’s the script Double Check, go here to update it: Wanikani Double-Check


Awesome, thank you so much!


The real thanks should go out to everyone who was trying to figure this out earlier (in this forum thread). I had this problem too but had been mostly ignoring it, since it was marking the skipped items as correct instead of incorrect, and I showed up just after the fix was announced in that thread. Lucky me hehe.

And also thanks to the script creator/maintainer for fixing it! I believe it’s @rfindley and @est_fills_cando that work on it.


It’s @rfindley’s script and he does most of the work on it. I just write bug fixes / features for it sometimes :slight_smile:


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