Extent your awesome error checking

Hello everyone!

I’m rather new on WaniKani and already take the audacity to make a feature suggestion.

I love how inputting a reading for a kanji that is correct… but not the one wanikani is looking for, you get this nice screenshake and a second chance. Given how impactful a mistake on an old kanji thats trying to leave Master can be, this is very important.

Now I think it would be awesome if this system was extended to cover similar brainfarts. Most importantly… who has never input the reading when the meaning was asked or vice versa?
When reviewing I am going for a good tempo, firstly to make hundreds of items be done faster but secondly because I wanna be able to read in the end… not decipher, recalling memnonics like I’m parsing ancient egyptian tombstones.

In the heat of this pace I tend to overlook the “Reading” vs “Meaning” text quite a lot… and sometimes I have pressed enter before realizing that the textbox contains romanji instead of hiragana…

I know this feature would be quite some effort for your devs, especially deciding wether a meaning that has been input into a reading textfield and was turned into hiragana can still be considered a correct meaning… But at least the other way around, I would be extremely thankful for this feature:

If I input a string that would become a correct reading when the system asked for the meaning… give me screen shake and a little notification saying “You idiot, read the question” or similar^^

Thanks in advance for all time invested in this.

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Pretty sure it’s been doing this for a while. Though I don’t think it works the other way round.


Ooo. I’ve never noticed that before (though I admit it’s been a while since I mixed up meaning and reading… or, for that matter, done any reviews…)

Well, the reverse tended to always work, because attempting to enter an English word into the IME would usually (though not always) result in loose romaji wandering around, which the error checker would pick up.

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Looks like a user script to me. I’ve tanked items this way - at least a few weeks back still.

found this one, which seems to use a slightly different text

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Is it? I’m pretty sure I don’t have any script for that purpose, unless some other script sneakily added it. These are all I have:

Edit: You’re completely right, apparently it’s a feature of Wanikani Double-Check. Had no idea.


Ah, I was thinking it might have been (but it’s been long enough since I did any reviews that I wasn’t quite sure).

That narrows it down! It’s double check


Haha, you found it at the same time. I saw this pop onto the screen as I pressed submit

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Did you already notice the other visual cues the page gives you? When asking for a meaning the bar above the input box is grey, but it’s black when asking for a reading. I rely on that so much, that I get confused when it’s in dark mode on somebody else’s computer. But I also use Double Check, which as mentioned, has the shake feature built in.

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I haven’t been able to make these sorts of mistakes for a long while now. I switched my keyboard to directly inputting the kana early on. So If I forget to switch back to the English alphabet I end up with a string of kana it doesn’t accept. It’s best to use a double check script to correct simple errors like this though.

Thank you all for your answers!

I installed double check which resolves this and similar problems :slight_smile:

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