Having trouble with new lessons marking correct answers wrong (Plug-in issue)

I think it’s because of one of my plug-ins, but for some reason on my lessons (but not my reviews) Wanikani is marking answers wrong, like in the snapshot below.

My keyboard is set to English and I don’t have caps lock on or anything. I’m also getting the same issue when it asks for a reading. (so for example it keeps marking the meaning of 山びこ wrong when I type “echo”).

If I turn off my plug-ins it works as usual, but I only have 3: one that shows stroke order when I mouse over a kanji, one that lets me ignore answers in reviews, and one that displays katakana text for on’yomi readings. I don’t understand how any of those could be throwing off both reading and meaning responses though… Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

There has been a ton of threads reporting similar issue with this script

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I assume this one is the katakana madness script. That one seems to have been causing a lot of problems for people lately. I recommend just disabling it until a fix has been made.

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That’s exactly the one I use, I’ll try isolating it for now. Thanks!
Super annoying though, it’s a pretty useful plugin.