I didnt get the lvl 19 congrats email :/

can someone send me his. I kinda look forward to them every time.


oh forum thinks im lvl18 too? but App definitely shows me as 19. I guess ill get it when tthings update in the backend…

Try loggin out and in again. (For the forum lv)

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If you don’t get the email for some reason, there’s a thread with the compilation of all of them:


Forum is always out of sync. Log out and log back in. This will update the forum level circle.

oh thanks for the thread where they are. I relogged and it fixed the forums, ill wait a day then read the email on the thread!

Grandpa mode on: When I started WK there was no such things as level up mails. We had to keep going purely by our own motivation. Newcommers so lazy and ungrateful… Grandpa mode off


i work best with constant praise


Congratz!! Lv 20 is near! Thats gotta feel good…


My deepest congratulations to you, achiever of level 19! You’re great! Keep up the fantastic work! (Is this helpful? I feel like this is definitely, definitely helpful.) Koichi loves you and your hair looks pretty.


You can also turn off emails from WaniKani settings, and then turn them on again. You should receive the email in a few minutes. Please note that this only works for the most recent level up email. If you went up multiple levels, only the most recent one will be sent.

Hope this helps.


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