I just leveled up, and I'm devastated

I used to love leveling up. The thrill of momentary success, the feeling of progress, and so on. But one of the aspects of leveling up I’ve come to cherish the most, is the corny email from Koichi.
Today, after reaching level 19, I ran to my inbox as usual, and started looking for the familiar email with the subject “hello”. Much to my dismay, it was nowhere to be found.

It’s been 4 hours, and after refreshing my inbox more than I’d like to admit, I had to accept it as the truth. I’ll have to pat myself on the back for the level up, cause my boy Koichi won’t be doing it for me this time.

Ok, full disclosure: after writing this whole thing, I remembered to check my spam folder, and the email was there. Still, I’ll post this anyway, as a shout-out to the automated silly emails, that I didn’t know I loved, until I thought they were gone. OR maybe I’m just lonely, idk.


Heh. How could someone not love the corny emails?!


Dunno if it still happens, but occasionally there was a bug that’d result in the server not sending an e-mail out when you levelled up, and sometimes you could rectify that by turning e-mail notifications off and then back on again. Though checking the junk folder does work too. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do miss any future e-mails, you can find the full list of them in this thread (or the list of them as they were in Jun 2020).


Happened to me too yesterday. Quite an emotional rollercoaster for real. Apparently gmail now thinks these wonderful letters are a spam.


ahh, I’m only at level 3 so not much leveling up so far, but the email was definitely satisfaction and pride you’d find in a teacher’s praise. I need to work harder :triumph:


I love those emails too. There’s no one to share my happiness with when I level up. Only WaniKani does that for me


What do they look like? I turned them off early on because I couldn’t have my inbox flooded with… wanikani level-up emails

Let us pray you don’t miss your Level 60 email now!

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First thing I did after leveling up to level 3 was to turn them off. :joy:

You monster


Note that you only get one email each time you level up…will not flood your inbox. You should go turn them on immediately!
See earlier post from Belthazar for link to post with all level up emails as of June 2020…but don’t cheat and look ahead beyond your current level!

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You can always share your happiness with the WaniKani community :-). We will celebrate with you!

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I was levelling up every week when I started + had a pretty extension that congratulated me for levelling up.

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omg the pain im glad u solved it

they added those emails when i was like halfway to 60 so i havent seen all of them D: i want to reset just so i can experience them level by level pls the gifs i love


When I saw the beginning of this email, you made me very worried. I usually level up and see the email hit my inbox and I get really excited. I started to imagine a world without the level up email and a pit started forming…then I finished your message…phew…I’m so relieved!

Wait till you get further, miss one day due to whatever reason, then start your Monday with 450 pending reviews. Busy day at work and can’t spare 2 hours to review? No problem, Tuesday you’ll have 550 reviews waiting. That’ll destroy your morale pretty quick.

just got to lvl 30, didnt get the level up email, something wrong, koichi?

Should I make mrs chow to contact you in order to solve this?



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