Congratulatory Level 6 Email?

I reached level 6 this morning and have not yet received a congratulatory email.

Does Wanikani only send you these emails on certain levels after level 5 or am I just not getting it for some reason?

If you don’t get one for every level then my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.



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I have that checked off as “yes” but still have yet to receive an email. Odd

Try changing it to “no”, and then change it back?
You can also view the emails in this thread.

thanks for the link, tried what you said and hasn’t worked so far but who knows, maybe it will start working again once I reach level 7. Thanks for the response though, I appreciate it.

I also didn’t get my 42 level email.

I was expecting a special one :cry:

Oh no! That was an important one too :worried: You should check out the lvl 42 exclusive formus though :wink: And maybe you could check the link by VTifand?

Since level 4 I haven’t gotten any automatically, but every time I go to the account profile, and change the “Receive WaniKani related emails” to “No”, then back to “Yes” (without really doing anything in-between), and then the congratulatory email shows right up.

Hi Wanikani People,
I’m getting congratulatory emails, but they have my level wrong. I demoted back to level 2 and have worked back up to 6 but I got a congratulatory emails for reaching level 5. When I reached level 5, I got congratulations on reaching Level 4. And so on! Since the congratulatory emails come with tips, I’d like to get them for the right level. Thanks.

And I’ve just noticed my avatar says level 5, but I’m working on level 6.

hmm that’s really odd, I don’t really know what you should do. I turned my email notifications on and off again and after I reached level 9 they started coming back but your situation seems quite different. Maybe try to email WaniKani support?

I never changed my settings, but I stopped getting them for a long time. I stopped getting them sometime in the “painful” level and I didn’t get them again until level 27. For almost the entire “hell” level they were giving me a level 1 below what it should have been. I thought about contacting them about it but I didn’t. I guess it sorted itself out because it gave me the correct level the last few times.

Mine stopped after level 5
My settings have always been to allow emails

This week I got the level 8 one despite levelling up to 9 today. My level doesn’t show correctly on here again

It’s nice that’s there’s a link for the level emails but it should be fixed imo.

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I think Wanikani uses a secondary service to run these emails. perhaps they should consider a different provider as they’ve had problems with them for a long time, mine would miss often.

Thanks. I couldn’t see how to do that but I resorted to Google now all good. Hope they fix it!

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Logged out and in as suggested and my level is now showing correctly. Thanks to Support team.

We’re still having some issues with our third party emailing service so if you’re still not getting the correct level up emails, just email us at and we can try to manually fix it for you.

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