I'm joining team undo

I tried to resist it as long as I could. These misses are accumulating and I will be overrun if I don’t join team undo. I even added swimming in the past and I still got it wrong.

It’s such a stretch to say I don’t the meaning of this kanji which is what the red bar should indicate.


It seems that Manage Synonyms has to be clicked once to override warning list, make an edit or not. Otherwise it is still wrong.


I wonder if it’s a bug from the synonym update. Cause it’s not red like I’ve seen from the “forbidden” ones

“Swimming” isn’t a forbidden synonym for 泳. I just did a test on my end and adding swimming as a user synonym worked and allowed me to pass the quiz.

You said you added swimming as a synonym in the past, do you mean before the current session? If so, can you try deleting and re-adding it as a synonym to see if the issue still occurs? I’m not aware of any outstanding bugs that would cause this, but that might be a good place to start.

You’re also welcome to write in to hello@wanikani.com if you want to troubleshoot over email :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I probably added it after a previous miss.

I actually didn’t even realize it was something that was already added by me until I took the screenshot.

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No effort whatsoever from WK to address the real topic of the thread, which is plainly in the title: undo button.


I’m starting to realize previous knowledge in kanji is this double edged sword in WK. I have all these non-WK answers in my brain that cause me misses. I just got 上巻 wrong for “first in a series”. I still haven’t had time to set up the undo, but I would have definitely undone that one.


Welcome to the Undo Squad. A ragtag group of people just trying to get this over with and not get hung up on simple misspellings. Soon I’ll hook you up with Team Anki-Mode. Those guys got some questionable morals, but if you’re in Undo, you already got those.


I’m on my second time going through WK and I would have gone insane by now without an undo button, particularly the radicals, which are completely useless to me now, having different names to the kanji


Hah, thank you.

Yeah, the different radical names to the kanji is rough. I have many misses from that. Word precision is important, but with the kanji meanings, close is totally fine. For radicals, you really just have to know they exist. If I wanted to talk about a radical in Japanese, my English name assigned to it is pretty useless.


what is team undo?

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People who use a user script to re-enter answers when they make a mistake. Like this one

ah i see… maybe i should join as well… i make so many typos

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Typos are good for you. Eat your typos or you don’t get any dessert




I don’t use any scripts, so I’m out of touch. Someone else will need to give advice on which is best. Maybe @Kumirei could provide a link


i think i’ll only download one when it’s absolutely necessary, but it’s good to know they exist!!

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Aren’t all kanji mainly present tense words (swim, go, eat, nurture etc) rather than continuous present words (eating, going, eating, etc) ? Isnt it better to stick to that rather than add user synonyms which allow to to get continuous present words right and maybe confuse you going forward?

Yes, I seem to forget sometimes. You’re typing fast, trying to get through 150 reviews, and bam. There are other ones too. I believe suru words dont shake and you get it wrong. I recently missed 発展する cause I typed “development”. Technically not right, and even though typing “to develop” is better, I have to manage my time.

Since it’s not the case that I don’t understand how する works here, then maybe it’s not worth doing again. I’ve got 1000s of words to get through after all.


Individual kanji don’t have meanings in a precise enough sense to care about verb tenses, or even really noun vs verb. (In contrast 泳ぐ, being a word, does, and you do want to think about that more as “swim” than “swimming”.)