SRS is useless without an "I made a typo" button?!

It’s so annoying to know a word, accidentally make a typo, then see that little した in critical condition. Why am I wasting time reviewing the words I’m most confident on? So confident I got excited and typed too fast? If someone wants to cheat by saying they made a typo when they didn’t, that’s a them problem. But I think the absence of a typo button option is an everyone problem.


I recommend checking out the WaniKani Open Framework and User Scripts to install to customize your experience.

I think them more vanilla you go the better but nobody knows you like well… you. So find the tools that will help your shortcomings that you think are unfairly slowing down your progress.

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Not everybody can use scripts. People on iOS for example can’t. WaniKani should offer such basic functionality by default, and not rely on third party, unsupported scripts.


Guessed that he was on the PC. But there’s always an option. I think they already do a pretty good job accounting for typing errors and such (built-in). Vanilla WK is pretty forgiving minus the Japanese (which is 100% appropriate).

Being forgiving comes with its own set of issues as you can see from this thread:

You are always going to accept nonsense if input is validated using the edit distance to the canonical answer, which is also why staff are constantly adding new prohibited answers to the database.

Personally I end up using the Double Check script to disqualify “correct” answers about as often is I use it to fix my gremlin-like typing. By which I don’t mean fixing stuff like forgetting that a reading included (or did not include) a letter or a rendaku, but rather fixing my not typing what I intended to type.

Though, granted, you don’t actually need undo functionality to deal with nonsense being accepted, you can solve that by adding a button that lets the user indicate that an answer was actually wrong. But that does not help gremlin-like typists like myself.


It can’t however, because it opens up the possibility of cheating and misuse.

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If the user wants to cheat it’s their own problem, this shouldn’t impact those who want to use the option in an appropriate manner. Adults don’t need a nanny, ultimately if they cheat they’re only fooling themselves and not impacting anyone else.


I can’t tell if sarcastic.

You realize with current vanilla wk you can just copy paste all the questions into wk item search and copy paste the answer, right? You can also use yomichan.

You can also just refresh the page apparently.

If people want to cheat, they can, and that’s 100% on them.


There’s still a sense of “authorizing” it, if WK puts the button there by default. It’s absolutely the case that some amount of people who wouldn’t “cheat” under the current system would “cheat” if you made it part of the default system.

Whether that’s something WK should care about or not is a separate discussion people can have.


I’m not suggesting they put it there by default, either. If they were to implement it I think it would be best under an advanced setting that’s off by default.

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That’s still in the direction of authorizing it, which means more people will use the site that way than otherwise would.

They clearly seem to care about that, so unless that changes it’s kind of a moot point.

I’m sure they also care about what their community wants to some extent.

I haven’t seen any official statement from them saying they are opposed to undo, but maybe there is one. If not, I’m assuming its something that can be changed with community pressure and a lot of time since tofugu isn’t exactly known to be fast. Making it non-default would definitely help with the community pressure side of that, so I disagree that its moot.


You’d be surprised :stuck_out_tongue: .

As Vanilla suggested, if one really wants to abuse the system, there are other options, outside of what WaniKani provides by default as a stand-alone application.

Yes, I do. And I remember there being multiple threads on the forums about viewing WaniKani items while doing reviews in a side tab and whether that’s cheating or not.

Adding a feature like this opens up a whole new discussion on how to use WaniKani. When should the option be used? Maybe it should be the default in the future? Which additional derivative options like “accept my answer and add user synonym” should be added?

I am not advocating anything by the way, just making observations. I stopped using WaniKani in favor of Anki, because it was too rigid of a system.


Well in that case…

hopefully we can agree that the “possibility of cheating” has always been open to all users of the site.

As it should. Although I mean really the first question ideally is just something that people who understand how srs works should be able to answer for themselves. Tall order, though, honestly.


Oh definitely.

Agreed. Which is why I think even the keyboard input is not particularly useful. Which is incidentally the core of the problem :stuck_out_tongue: .

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There are probably earlier ones, but I figured 11 years back was far enough. It was already getting “rediculous” back then, and the staff’s position apparently hasn’t changed. If you prefer calling it “effectively moot” then I suppose that’s fine.

I don’t see an official statement in there that they won’t add them.

Besides, you can say the same thing about anything they took forever to add

People have been saying that you shouldnt get penalized for kanji meanings for the radical version of that kanji, and they literally just added that a week ago.


Yeah, same for the whole failed attempt at “interleaving” by not having items appear back to back. Ah well, heres to hoping wanikani will continue to improve.


I did say “unless that changes.” The thing is we won’t ever be aware of their change of heart before we actually see an update.

If people want to keep telling them how they feel, I’m not saying they shouldn’t. As long as they know what they’re up against.

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Fun Fact: The “we’re not adding an undo button” position was so official that it was part of the About the Feedback category topic that is pinned to this category.

Have an idea for WaniKani? Something you think that would make it better? Please post it in here. Also please try to make sure someone else didn’t already post the same feedback.

Some things probably not worth posting about:

  • WaniKani is too slow
  • Let me undo a wrong answer (because I typed a typo, or really any reason at all).

However, that was apparently edited out just two weeks ago (April 11th), so maybe they are now willing to consider this feature. Everyone knows what that means! Keep complaining until they add it!