I am getting error on the Kanji reading of Ten

Can anyone help?


Mind the middle character, I’m sure someone can explain this better but there is a difference between じゅう and じゆう. Notice the difference? These are said and spelled out differently. Hope that helps!


You’ve actually typed じゆう instead of じゅう. It can be hard to notice when you’ve just started but the second ゆ is smaller. This is something you’ll see a lot but you will get used to noticing it.

Wanikani have an article about it.

They also have an article on typing Japanese in general which might be useful for you as well.


Well, you are spelling jiyuu instead of jyuu or easier juu. Both jyuu and juu are spelled the same in Japanese (じゅう), just another type of romanization, while jiyuu (じゆう) would be three moras/“syllables” long, instead of the correct two.

Note that a lowercase ゆ gets read together with the character that comes before it in a single mora/“syllable”.


Oh my god. You guys are super helpful and fast. Thank you so much <3


Does Wanikani have a dark mode? or is that some sort of browser extension?

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Oh that my friend is a Chrome extension called Dark Reader. Pretty neat and handy for your eyes.

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There’s a userscript that gives you a dark mode.


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