Bug in Kanji lessons

I keep hitting a bug in my kanji lessons where I enter the correct Hiragana for the Kanji but it says that I got the answer wrong. The only way to fix it is to copy and paste but this means that I always get it wrong the first time…even when I get it right.

Any idea what might be causing this? I’m using Google Chrome for Mac.

Someone will probably post the link from Tofugu that explains but…
じゅ is not じゆ. To make the small character, you type ju.
It isn’t just WaniKani, by the way, it’s the same if you set your keyboard to Japanese.


Yeah. Sorry, that’s not a bug. If you look really close, the actual spelling is Ji - a small Yu - U. You wrote Ji - big Yu - U.

The difference is more obvious in the pronunciation, where one is Jyuu (one syllable) and your spelling is JiYuu (two syllables).

And here’s an article that describes how to write the different characters and blends (like the one you pointed out above).

Ah, that explains it - thanks for answering so quickly!

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