Listening/Reading practice resource

I just noticed a feature of Viki TV (now Rakuten VIKI) that’s pretty neat. It has a learning mode that dual subtitles. I can watch a Japanese TV show, with both Japanese and English subtitles at the same time. A little control lets me have it automatically pause the video after each subtitle, with a repeat, back, forward function. Hovering the mouse over the subtitle can bring up a definition.

Maybe everyone already knew about that, but I used to watch viki a while back and never noticed.


As good as this is, having English subtitles hinders more than it helps. Our brains naturally want to take the easy way out in regards to everything, and thus you are more likely to just use the English subtitles if it’s present. You probably won’t be able to understand much, but trust me, you will definitely get a lot more out of it if you just watch shows with only Japanese subtitles or none at all.

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I can only barely read the Japanese one at full speed, much less both. (I’m not using the auto-pause feature). But it’s nice that it’s right there when I do pause it.

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