The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

Changes December 2020, January 2021



  • the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Sing-Along Japanese Songs to the Speaking section
  • Kana Review to Kana section to replace Usagi-chan’s Hiragana Drag’n’Drop exercise
  • Kodansha’s Hiragana and Katakana Workbooks to Kana > Physical workbooks section
  • Tools subsection to General practice section
    • Katsu conjugation tool per @ nataliefleming’s recommendation
    • 鰐活用 WaniConjugation per @ Ashikaga’s recommendation
    • Moved Steven Kraft’s Japanese Projects resource here
  • @jerred added Onomappu to Listening > YouTube section
  • @MashusuJooji added Simple Writing Practice Sheets to Writing > Physical section
  • to General practice and tests > Tools section
  • Benjiro - Beginner Japanese’s Japanese Convesations to Listening > YouTube section
  • Added Apps subsection to Software section and moved the three app platform categories there
  • Spaced repetition systems subsection to Software section
    • Anki, Kitsun io, and Memrise there
    • Moved Mochi there


  • Kanji in Context to Physical section
  • The Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course to Physical section

Textbooks and grammar section

  • @sergiop added Human Japanese (moved to Paid online section)
  • @x3uu added Kanshudo (moved to Online section)
  • Intermediate and advanced subsection per @ Jonapedia’s recommendation
    • An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese
    • QUARTET: Intermediate Japanese Across the Four Language Skills
    • 上級日本語教科書 文化へのまなざし―テキスト
    • 中・上級日本語教科書 日本への招待 テキスト
    • Authentic Japanese: Progressing from Intermediate to Advanced
  • YouTube subsection to Textbooks and Grammar > Online section
    • Moved Japanese Ammo with Misa’s Grammar Lessons for Absolute Beginners here
    • Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly’s Japanese from Scratch series
    • ToKini Andy’s GENKI Grammar Made Clear
    • TalkInJapan’s JLPT List 日本語能力試験対策
    • Miku Real Japanese’s Grammar Videos
  • Maggie Sensei to References section
  • 毎日のんびり日本語教師 to References section

Online dictionaries section

  • Niai dictionary to Alternate dictionaries
  • Lorenzi’s Jisho to Japanese–English (和英)
  • goo辞書 全国方言辞典 to Alternate dictionaries
  • NINJAL’s Verb Handbook to Alternate dictionaries section

Reading section

Speaking section

  • Shadowing subsection
    • Japanese Graded Readers to Physical section
    • Moved Sing-Along Japanese Songs to Online section
    • Tofugu’s pronunciation guide to Speaking > Online
    • にほんごたどく Tadoku to Online section



  • Reformatted the Online dictionaries section per @Jonapedia’s suggestion
    • Japanese-English (和英)
    • National (国語)
    • English–Japanese and Japanese–English (英和・和英)
  • Renamed Reading > Blogs and Sites to Readers
  • Renamed General practice section to General practice and tests and merged Tests section into General practice section
  • Updated link for Alan R. Miller’s Japanese Language Reference in Resource portals and learning networks section
  • Updated formatting of Pomax’s An Introduction to Japanese


  • Old / outdated links in Software > Japanese learning games section
  • @ Kumirei removed Internet Archive links for Dictionary of Japanese Grammar resources
  • Removed Internet Archive reference from the description
  • Usagi-chan’s Kana Drag’n’Drop from Kana section as the resource is deprecated with the deprecation of Flash
  • Reading > Places to buy subsection as the resources listed are covered in more detail in the WaniKani Community guide Resources for Starting to Read Japanese Content
  • HiNative from General practice section as it’s listed elsewhere


  • sci.lang.japan to Resource portals and learning networks section
  • Human Japanese from Software section to Textbooks and Grammar > Online subsection
  • 4Gamer to Reading > News section
  • Duolingo and Torii SRS to General Practice section
  • Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese to Textbooks and grammar > Intermediate and advanced section
  • WaiWaiNihongo to General practice and tests > Tools section
  • 助数詞を練習 Jyosuushi to General pratice and tests > Tools section
  • Ultra Handy Japanese Verb Conjugator and NINJAL’s Japanese Grammar Point Bank and Handbook fo Basic Japanese Verbs to General practice and tests > Tools section
  • Japanese the Manga Way to Physical textbooks section and updated link to publisher’s website
  • JapanesePod101 to Textbooks and grammar > Paid online section


  • Considered adding 物書堂 Monokakido Dictionaries but was unsure of proper categorisation.
  • Unsure about adding more channels to the Textbooks and grammar > YouTube section. Cure Dolly and Japanese Ammo with Misa are easily the most recommended channels, so I thought many people would be looking for them and it was important they were included somewhere in the nebulous Textbooks and grammar section.