Crunchyroll without subtitles

Don’t know if this has been shared already or if it is common knowledge, but you can remove the subtitles in the Anime streaming site Crunchyroll by going to the “video preferences” option in the configuraton menu and select the blank option in the “predetermined language” box (Represented by a stroke “-”) leaving a lot of listening material for anyone to practice. This only works in the browser version though.


Thank you! I will try to remember.

yeah it’s great! although I would love for them to upload Jap subs, since it’s kindof their specialty, but oh well, I guess I’ll just hear and not understand some parts forever :slight_smile:


You can also just right click and choose no subs :smiley:

Makes it much easier to switch quickly between the two if you’d like. Of course if you just want to default to no subs everytime, changing it in video preferences is the way to go :ok_hand:

@rman It’d be awesome if they could but its a licencing thing so never going to happen :frowning2:


isn’t crunchy roll like totally legit why have they got licensing problems

Ah the licencing problem is that the Japanese companies will not do it. It’s not just the licence for streaming in some country you’d need; you have to add on a licence to have subtitles for a certain language. The way the companies essentially look at it is why give the permission to offer Japanese subtitles when Crunchyroll is not allowed to stream in Japan at any level. Which blows, and the companies are anal about it, but I somewhat understand. The amount of people with the ability to read Japanese outside Japan is not high in any manner lol

So is there any other source where we can find anime with Japanese subtitle?

I mean


haha, if you have actual files that you can use with subtitle files this site has almost everything under the sun. If you’re talking about a streaming site, google animelon. Of course not legal like crunchyroll, limited selection, can’t vouch for accuracy but it’s something.

Technically some things on Netflix have Japanese subtitles too but you have to use a VPN to actually be able to use it on anime.


Thank you, I check it out :slight_smile:

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I am not sure about anime but a lot of the dramas on Netflix let you do Japanese subtitles

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god bless you <3

Not gonna lie, I find the nicest thing about animelon is that it works fine in my mobile browser lol

besides the fact that it has japanese subtitled anime that is.

does crunchyroll not work in your mobile browser?

No, since they utilize Flash. They have dedicated apps though.

Actually, there appears to be an increasing number of Japanese subtitled anime/shows on nextflix. Or at least for the newer animes I keep finding that they have Japanese subs.

Yup. All the Netflix “original” shows, including anime, at the least have essentially come with Japanese subs and have for a while. There are few non-originals, specifically anime-wise, that offer JP subs on non-JP Netflix. Off the top of my head I can only think of Little Witch and Gunslinger. I don’t really research this stuff anymore lol

If you switch to JP Netflix it’s just a much bigger selection of anime that offer JP subs (I should’ve specified that)

Edit: I had to go hunt this down but I used to look at this site in finding out what things have JP subs and what don’t for which country for what type of show on Netflix. By now there’s probably a better option, I don’t know how updated this stays, this is just what I formerly used.

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