Levelled up without having studied all the content of previous level

Hello guys,

I just got to level 5 couple hours ago however I don’t feel ready taking on level 5 lessons just yet.

I know that “guruing” radicals and 90% of kanjis is enough to level up however i want to spend one or two days reviewing only level 4. Not only that but I levelled up without having seen 10 vocab words of level 4.

How can I make it so I only see the lessons of level 4 (so the 10 remaining words of vocab) and none of level 5? I’m afraid it’s just gonna be a mix of radicals/kanjis of level 5 and the words I have left on level 4.

Thanks for your help and sorry if my question is a bit confusing (english is not my first language).

While you do level up before seeing all of the previous levels content, depending on which order you have selected, it will finish teaching you the previous levels (in your case level 4) content.

Once you get to higher levels you will “level up” but still have 30+ vocab from the previous level before it starts on the new radicals + kanji.

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At WaniKani — Log in Set lesson ordering in to Ascending then subject


Seconding what Chop said:

The default order for your lessons will always show you any remaining items from your previous level before showing you new items.

Depending on how many items you have per lesson “batch” you might get a couple of the radicals from your new level at the end, but one or two shouldn’t cause you too much issue.

Edit - yep, if that’s not what you’re getting, go to your settings as temporaryuser381 suggested.

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Also, they can just not do any new lessons and just keep reviewing.

OP, you don’t have to do all the lessons at once. I very rarely have a lesson queue of under 10 available lessons.

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You can also change how many items you get in your lessons by going to the settings. The smaller your batches, the fewer ‘new level items’ can sneak their way in to your ‘current level items’ lesson.

Or, you could change it every time you level up so that you hit it exactly! If you set it to 5 now, you can do two lessons and just perfectly cover the remaining level 4 vocab. Konekush is right that you have complete control over whether or not you do lessons, and how many.

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Pretty refreshing to see a newbie who values learning over leveling!

The above tips will work wonders in general. If you want to be sure you exclusively learn one levels items, you can also use the reorder script and right click the levels you want to “remove”.


i actually am on my second attempt at wanikani after resetting my level to 1 from 18. my first pass i only cared about speed & i eventually burned out, so good on you for taking a methodical approach! to build on what @finnra said, using the reorder script completely screwed me over on my first attempt & has completely saved my bacon on my current attempt. i use it to not only keep focused on a single level’s worth of items at a time, i also use it to learn all vocabulary words unlocked by completing the previous level before i learn any new radicals or kanji for the next. just wanted to say you’re on the right track, and your question wasn’t confusing at all! 頑張って!


Someone should mention this as well

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I believe both of the two last posts did, didn’t they? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I didn’t see the name

Thanks a lot for all the helpful tips! My settings are set as you recommended (also i didn’t understand the “then subject” so thanks for clarifying that) and reassuring me that I would indeed have lessons of level 4 show up before level 5.

Trust me it’s hard to fight my urge to level up as quickly as possible (i’m already mad at myself for creating my account the 7th but only starting the 11th haha) but it’s feedbacks like yours @finbeard that made me rethink that move. I want to feel comfortable with what i’ve learned before moving onto more content.

Again, thanks guys ! Happy to be part of the community


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