How to make Grammar fun and less tedious?

I gotta say being Ch.10 of Tobira is grammar has been bored. I still do it regardless if at least a little every day but it definitely turns into something I don’t look forward to. I do love everything else though.


Read a ton instead and only look up grammar points as needed. There’s really no reason you have to study intermediate level grammar through a textbook if you don’t want to.


What do you mean by “doing” a chapter?

One way might just be making that more low-key if you’re treating it like intense study time.
I think I read all of Tobira during lunches at work. Mighta learned less than if I were taking a lot of notes and setting aside a big chunk of time and drilling everything, etc. But surely I didn’t learn nothing from it! and that was easier to fit in.
Similarly, relaxing the daily schedule and just doing more when you have the time/inclination to do so is I think totally fine at the intermediate level as long as you’re reading native content too. And might help make it feel like less of a slog.

Other than that - I agree the biggest thing I got out of Tobira was just reading practice, and if you’re feeling more comfortable and more motivated getting that from more enticing sources, then it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing to just lean into that and read those.


Ugh. Grammar. I relate to it being such a drag to work on.

I do also agree with the others that native immersion made the difference for me. ^^

Grammar was a huge hurdle for me. I’m absolutely awful at it and I find it criminally boring. But seeing the results makes me realise just how worthwhile the work is.

I recently restarted actively studying after months of just coasting along. While I still find it boring to sit down almost every day and start taking notes, I also have a feeling of excitement. I know that the work I put in will pay off.

It also happens quite often that I run into the new grammar stuff within a few days as I read and watch things. That reinforces things in a way that note taking or doing BunPro SRSing didn’t for me.

Good luck taking down that grammar beast and taming it! :muscle:


Sounds about right! I’m currently reading a book. Only a few pages a day but ways more fun and relaxing to do so.

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Yeah in terms of watching tv shows I’ve been slacking a bit but not reading. I think I will only do a few lessons of new grammar while reviewing old ones from now one and counter them with everything more fun.

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I just accept that it’s boring. :pensive:

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Funny enough, I found the 文法ノート sections of Tobira the most interesting so far :sweat_smile:. I’m currently on chapter 4 about sports and I was honestly afraid it’s going to be all about baseball, but they switched to karate.

If you find grammar boring, just work through the grammar points, practice them a little to make sure you understand the nuances and carry on with actual native materials like articles, books, novels, etc. Things that have to do with Japanese, but would be more engaging to you :slight_smile:

What about using new grammar points to make the whackiest and wildest sentence you can come up with?

You can share it here and we’ll be able to enjoy it


This is my biggest issue: I’ve tried books, apps, flashcards, and after awhile I just get bored. Like Wanikani is simple because I’ve gotten to the point where it doesn’t take that much from me to learn the vocab and kanji. And then when I read or watch something I enjoy, only furthers solidify all I’ve learned.

But Grammar is so goddamn boring that I almost always fall off of it after a couple of days of keeping up with SRS app. Honestly, I think the best thing really is to just read and watch and listen to what you like and go from there.


Surprised no one is mentioning conversation. Talk or write to another human being, then grammar is not boring at all. Feel free to join us on the grammar in the wild thread on BP as well. Translate the sign or manga panel and then write your own example using the grammar point, it is quite fun!


I didn’t know about Bunpro, this looks like a nice complement to WaniKani. Will check it out!

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Going along with this, you can also journal about your life/write to yourself (I would still recommend having someone check it for you though, there are threads for that). If you don’t know how to express a certain thing you can look up grammar for that specifically. Less of a slog and gives it meaning for you (aka, not boring).


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