How to retain grammar points in Tobira

With that much info loaded into one chapter, how does one even remember them?

Crocker spasms

BTW Tobira is a bit overwhelming with the grammar and other sections of the book are a bit useless such as when it asks you to read the dialogue then answer the sections w/o even giving an answer key. Also I use the grammar book for excercises :smiley:

My advice is pretty simple. Read books. Duh. Grammar through exposure is the best way to learn, and generally takes very little time if one immerses oneself in native material. I personally got through Genki 1 and half through Genki 2, and I can read japanese novels and manga with no trouble grammar-wise. Its most definitely not rocket science, just a matter of practice makes perfect. No need to get overwhelmed, as your brain recognizes the grammar patterns after enough exposure. My old way of doing grammar was to simply write down new grammar that I find while reading, look it up, do some practice with it, then let my brain sort it out.

Its worked quite well for me, considering I haven’t had to learn anything grammar-wise in over a year, and I generally read Japanese books every day. Not sure if that would be your preferred way, but its just what’s worked for me (currently N1 atm). By the way, if possible, I would recommend using Lang8 to write sentences using the grammar you find or have difficulty with, since native speakers can point out any mistakes.


When I learn any grammar point, I write it down in my own words, note any conjugations, particles, etc. that are necessary to learn alongside it, and then list a variety of examples. I think this allows me to retain the info far better than just reading over the point and nodding along. I also have an Anki deck that I add these example sentences to.

Of course, reading helps with retention as well. If you encounter a grammar point you’re less familiar with (but within a story where you do understand the plot), you can kind of put 2 and 2 together within that context and gain a greater understanding of that point each time. If there’s something you don’t understand at all in your reading, figure out a way to fix that - either research the grammar point, post something on a language learning site, or ask a friend. Then you can continue reading until you encounter something else new, and repeat.

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