How to decipher stylised kanji?


I have been reading this manga that Tofugu recommends to learn Japanese, Fushigi Neko No Kyuu-chan , and it’s got some hard-to-read fonts. I’ve been able to read most of it but I was hoping someone could help me read this:

I know that after the first kanji there is 好きなもの but I can’t manage to read the first one, also that it has 糸 radical to the left. Please help me :durtle_hello:.


It’s • 好きなもの
–> “Favorite things (continued)”



Ww Thank you :slight_smile:


In the future, if you wanna train yourself to be able to recognize Kanji in strange fonts, you can always try the Jitai script. It randomizes Kanji fonts during your reviews(so long as you install the ones that come with the script).


Thank you so much, I’ll try it next time :+1:


No problem! com-resize


And do you know what this is?
I can’t upload a photo but it’s something like 草+月 it doesn’t have any context


Hmm I’m not sure what that could be, the only thing I could find for 草月 was a name --> “Sogetsu”

Are you sure it’s 草月? :thinking:



That’s morning --> 朝

Something that helps me when I don’t recognize kanji is looking it up through Jisho using either the “write” or the “radical” function; it’s really been useful to deciphering unknowns.


It’s 朝, but boy is the 月 written small.


Yeah, I’ve been doing that but this one was particularly hard :+1: Thanks for the response :wink:


Also the top part of the left radical is almost unrecognisable :frowning:


Indeed. Does the cat write the titles in crayon? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, most likely :joy:


My parents have some pottery from Japan. They asked me to decipher it. Took me an hour, but thanks to Jisho, duckduckgo, and luck, I managed to pin it down: turns out it is old pottery from Mikawachi, in what was then still called the Hendo domain. It’s from the Edo era!

I wonder if it’s worth anything…!


Wow that’s cool, maybe you’ll become a millionaire


Depends on if it’s real I suppose. Not saying it isn’t, but there’s plenty of modern souvenirs with that kind of inscription. Especially common in Asia.


By the way, the kanji are top to bottom (I think):


Do you know where’d they get it?