Can someone help me identify this kanji?

l got a game to play to help bolster my learning bit by bit, and I am doing okay with looking things up with jisho and such as long as I can decode what I’m looking at.

I can’t for the life of me figure out the pointed to kanji - what is it? i know the rough meaning of the sentence, but even looking up potential meanings hasn’t revealed it to me.

Thank you.


Looks like 旅 (たび).
Were you not able to find it by searching for the radicals? It came up pretty easy for me.


Looks like 旅 to me as well.

Video games are difficult because the kanji get so pixelated. Good luck and I hope you’re having fun!


I did try to look up radicals, but possibly because I’m not used to the pixelation, my brain couldn’t break it into useful components.

Thank you!


hi! as others have pointed out, it’s 旅する to travel. You can use Google Translate and click on the camera icon. It even worked when I pointed the camera to the computer screen. Also, you can click the ‘Handwriting’ icon and draw the kanji. It usually works really well.

Have fun!


I’m hoping as I do more, the pixillation won’t be so confusing.

you are about to learn it in Wanikani, and at exactly level 12 lol
maybe it will show up in your lesson in a few days.


What game is it?

Jisho org has radical-wise search so you select tofu radical and it shows possible kanji.

Kindly demonstrate?

Only, WaniKani’s “tofu” radical is one of the ones that doesn’t exist in Unicode. It’s completely made up. You’d need to find it with the “direction” radical - the compnents listed in Jisho are ノ 方 乞, and aside from “direction” in the middle, you wouldn’t really think to try the others.

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This looks like maybe 3DS there it is already okay-ish.

But yeah, Kanji become really readable only on HD systems.

The absolute worst is GBA. Have a look at the Kanji on Fire Emblem games there, it’s a squished mess. Earlier systems without Kanji provide a whole different kind of Kana hell. At the moment I think the Switch is the best option for Japanese games, many games can be played in Japanese by just changing the system language and the Kanji are readable.

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Thank goodness I’m not crazy. I could see the little tofu in there, but I couldn’t break the rest of it apart, and couldn’t find the tofu in the radical chart. Makes sense now.

@PerkyOrb It is 光の4戦士 -ファイナルファンタジー外伝-

Final fantasy- Four heroes of light gaiden for Nintendo ds.

It looks like it has fun but simple gameplay and a relaxed pace, so I figured it was a good start point, plus it is the spiritual parent of the bravely default series, which I love.

@aanhlle Lucky! I look forward to seeing it.

Looks like 旅, or trip?

Waahhhh, I’m so glad I’m not the only person who owns the old Fire Emblem games for GBA!

Yes, the kanji are so hard to read on those older systems.

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I don’t own them, but I’ve seen Screenshots. I was like “okay, yeah, maybe I’ll get them when I feel very confident” :smiley:

I’d like to play the one with Roy in its original form some time :slight_smile:

Aye, but that’s not the “tofu” radical.

Though, I admit I’m a bit surprised “gun” is in there, because that’s also one of WaniKani’s fake radicals.

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I’m guessing it’s not one of the 214 officially recognized 部首 frequently used in kanji dictionaries, but is one of the frequent components of kanji, as found in kanji like 毎、海気 and so on…

I counted, and jisho lists 253 components.


That is the “Trip” Kanji

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