How Should I Pick a Level to Reset To?

The good news: I’m done with my undergraduate degree!!! :partying_face:

…which means it’s time to take a good, hard look at my kanji skills, since I got busy a few months ago, put WaniKani on vacation mode, and…never turned it off. :no_mouth:

I haven’t gone cold turkey on Japanese, since I’ve been using Duolingo daily (I’m on an 85-day streak!) to learn vocab, simple grammar, and to keep up with basic kanji-reading skills. I’m not sure exactly how many I know…I know I’ve lost the ones that haven’t popped up in Duolingo, so I probably don’t know as many as I should.

I was thinking of doing a total reset on WaniKani while I focus on grammar skills, but I’d like to challenge myself as much as possible now that I don’t have school to focus on, and I think that might slow my progress down too much. So my question is…

Does anyone know of a good free online test, even an informal one, I could take that would give me a rough idea of what level I should reset to? Imo this would be a super nice feature for WaniKani to have…a sort of “placement test” using the kanji the site teaches that would put you in a level. For all I know, someone’s already created a script for this.

As always, I super appreciate you guys’s help! :blush:


You can go through all the levels using the Self Study script to see how much you remember.


Would you mind linking me to that? I’ve been poking around on the forums and I can’t seem to find it.

I did take a step back three levels because I felt that nothing had stuck.
In a way I probably should have taken two or maybe one, but on the other hand I get a good repetition of the last three levels I did.
To the positive side, I got a boost of realizing how much that really had got into my brain so I think it was good for me. And I got a better control over reviews and stuff.
Things progress rather slow since I don’t want to get too many reviews a day.
You can try to start at the level you are, do the reviews and no lessons for a while to get a feeling about how much you actually remember. And take it from there. Go back one level at a time. It takes some time, but might be worth it.
Good luck!

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Take the name of the street you grew up on, add the name of your first pet, divide by your current age in hours. That’s the level you should reset to.


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