Quit wani some months ago, want to resume - any way to test my current level?

Hey folks.

I was an active Wani user - reached level 8 i believe - until i stopped for various reasons some months ago.

I want to resume, and as expected, i lost memory of a lot of the later level kanji. I know there’s a way to reset your Wani progress to re-learn them, but thing is, im not sure how far i should reset.

Apart from literally looking through every level’s kanji manually, is there any tool that would let me decide what level i should reset down to? I.e. something that would give me a test of sorts for various kanji, and then say “Ok, you should go down to level X”?



There is no official way to do this. Might be doable with one of the user scripts such as Self Study. However, this is a great idea for an addition to WK proper.


Reset to 5, gets you through the slowest levels. Then I would read through the previous levels just to refresh the memory and start grinding again. Ez.

Is there a limit to the number of times you can reset a level?

Could you try resetting back to say level 7, or level 6, and then see how comfortable you are there?

You could always go lower, can’t come back up though.

I agree. No need to overthink this, just pick a number and if you still don’t remember stuff, then reset again.

But WK can make life easier for people who already learned kanji if they had a placement test. Let’s say I just joined WK and the test puts me at level 20. I still have to start at level 1 (because of radicals etc.) but WK can make me do an accelerated rate with the new flexible SRS that has been prepared by WK developers. Perhaps I can immediately burn a kanji when it reaches Master. Or shorten the Burned interval to 2 months after Enlightened for known kanji.


I would get the self-study quiz script with the ‘additional filters’ script, then set it up to only quiz level 1. Then only level 2. Then only level 3, etc. - but only moving to the next level if I could get, eh, for that purpose I’d probably be satisfied with 85% or so. First level you can’t do that on, reset to that level. That should reasonably minimize the excessive number of unknown items in your reviews, but also not be so conservative that you’re re-doing a lot of ones you already know.

Or, you could just make your threshold 95%, keep doing the levels over and over until you DO pass, then go all the way to 8 that way and start from where you left off wanikani satisfied that you know everything up to that. 8 levels isn’t too bad for that, just do 1 level a day.


Get the Ultimate Reorder Script, then start working your review pile from the lowest level on up. Once you reach a level you are not happy with your pass rate, reset to that level.

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