What would you do in my situation?

I’ve been on a long hiatus, and I’ve been holding off on WaniKani because of my long absence knowing it would be hard to get back into it again.
I’m trying to get back into it again now, but it’s been 762 days since I last leveled up and I feel like i’ve forgotten so much.

And now i’m thinking about resetting my level, but not sure if I should.
Should I reset to lvl 1 and start all over again? Or maybe just reset to level 10?

What do you think I should do?


Oft repeated advice is to try doing a review session and seeing how it goes. If you feel it is unmanageable then reset 5 levels and see how that feels, if it still isn’t right then reset five more levels, repeat until you reach a level that feels comfortable.


Yeah that’s seems like a good way to go about it, just feels like I’ve forgotten most kanjis from level 10-30.
I’m gonna try that out, thanks for the advice!


If you’re comfortable using scripts, another option is to use Self-Study Quiz to review a level at a time, as much as you want, until you feel like you’ve refreshed your memory. The Self-Study Hide Info script also helps with that by adding buttons to the Level pages to let you quiz on a section at a time without having to mess with settings in Self-Study Quiz.


Oh, can I go back and review earlier levels with this script? or is it just for the current level?


I reset to 10 because that was when the number of burned items started to go down. Levels 1 - 9 I KNEW those words because I had been reading during my own 3 year hiatus. If you havent been using the knowledge at all I would encourage you to start over. But if you have been studying, just without WK, go to the level that shows enough kanji you aren’t confident in, but dont mind redoing the ones you do.


It’s brave to jump back in - congrats!


Thanks for all the comments! I’m still thinking about resetting my level.
It was basically 2 years of no studying at all, and I’m at lvl 33 with 4.5k burned items.
It feels like it might be best to reset to lvl 10 and then use the self study script which rfindley recommend to practice 1-10.
I’m gonna sleep on it.


You can review anything on Wanikani, even things you haven’t unlocked yet. I’ve heard that a few people even review their next level. (I’m not sure of their reasons, though. Maybe just to get some studying in when they have spare time.)

Take those reviews by the horns and put them into submission. Go at them with vengeance in your heart! Wittle them down little by little until they’re decimated!

With such passion just keep doing your reviews, and worry not about time since last level up etc. You can worry about that later, but for now, get back on top! By doing the reviews you will refresh your memory!

Good luck, I believe you can do it!


I resetted directly to level 1 (from 46) after a hiatus of about 2 years.
I am pleased with that move, because I am really rebuilding my memorisation process from the ground up (taking notes of etymology and meanings from Wikipedia, etc).
I had adopted that approach that during the 1st run, but later in the levels. Now my brain is prepared that one kanji will be the component of many others. Also I am paying more attention and memorization effort to the difference between visually similar kanji, or close meaning words.

Even if the first few levels feel a bit slow, the spare time can still invested in grammar.

Finally, WK lessons are kind of sorted by usage frequency, so taking the 1-30 lessons may be more useful than rushing to lesson 60.

I now understand why in some case, to make a kid repeat a school year is more an opportunity than a punishment: it is much more satisfactory to get 98% reviews correct, than to keep on trying catching up on reviews and have half of them wrong.


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That sounds like a fantastic idea!



My successful strategy was to reset to the level you had 3 months before you started your hiatus.
Thats because the items before that you will largely still know, but the items after that didnt have a chance to make it to master/enlightened. Then manually unburn items (like kanji) that you find out you forgot when reviewing/learning new vocab.

My situation was almost exactly the same, 2 year hiatus starting with april 2020. I reset to my level (11) I had in january 2020.


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