How many times have you reset your level?


Scripts are good in most cases, but with it comes with great responsibility. It’s difficult to trust ourselves, especially with the Override answer script and the Ultimate Re-order script. I used them very irresponsibly the first time. I didn’t use it all the time, but 2 or 3 times a week as “ah, that damn rendaku” is still irresponsible. It would allow me to fail to remember the rendaku again and again for the same item since I could just easily override the answer.

Nowadays, the only script I use within reviews is the Lightning mode script. No override for me anymore. I have come up to the point that I don’t care if I make a typo. The more I see the item, the better, and less chance I will make another typo or forget its rendaku on that said item again.

It’s not something you decide “yeah, I shouldn’t do vocab anymore”. It just happens incrementally with time. In my case, I felt more interested into knowing the next level’s kanji and thus, I gave them priority. Then what happens is that you see that avalanche of 100+ vocab in the way: it becomes a little inconvenient. At least that’s how I felt back then. Now, I just relax and do my vocabulary with the same enthusiasm as kanji. I’m actually enjoying Wanikani a lot more this way.


No problem. A couple means two.


I find I like my re-order script to get to my radicals when I first level up, Kanji when they unlock mid-level, and do the vocabs in between. It helps me keep from doing this awkward “wait” at the end of each level for new items to unlock.

I avoided vocab for the first few levels, or was lazy about it, and I missed out on one of the key benefits, the vocab actually helps me solidify the Kanji reading and vice-versa, so I found I learn better with them than without them.


I’ve reset twice, although I don’t remember exactly which levels I was at or how many levels I set back but I know it was only about 5-6 levels each time.

The first time I reset I regret in hindsight. I made the mistake of focusing solely on levelling up as quickly as possible and I really wasn’t taking in any of the stuff I was learning and so I was quickly getting stuck and frustrated at my reviews.
Ironically I regret resetting at this point because I ended up doing the same thing all over again :tired_face::joy:

The second time was because I ended up getting even more frustrated with my reviews and built up a whole bunch of undone lessons so I decided to take a months break from WK… which quickly turned into about 6 months.
When I finally decided to come back to WK I found I made an even huger mistake by not putting my account into vacation mode and had accumulated about 2,000 reviews while I was away :joy:


Ive reset twice, once just today. feeling disappointing about it but hopefully it gives me the kick i need to keep going.


Added a poll, for poll’s sake.


I reset 4 times. I had to stop doing wanikani because I started it while I was bored out of my mind waiting for an injury to my hands to heal. But wanikani got too much for my hands and I was in too much pain to continue.

Then once I healed, I got busy again with school. As much as I do love learning Japanese, it isn’t my priority so much as getting through school so I can get a job and start living my life. Then I reset twice more mostly because I wanted my friend to not feel like she was behind when she started, not necessarily because I was stuck and I wanted to start fresh anyways to help with my momentum.

I hit a period where I didn’t feel like I could continue. Stress from school and feeling like wanikani was a mounting distraction from my work caused me to quit again. I once again forgot Vacation Mode was a thing. Oh well. I don’t think I’ll be resetting again at the level I am now.


Last week I reset for the first time from Level 12 to Level 11.

Lack of motivation due to busy circumstances at work. :frowning: And reviews queue jumped to almost 1,000.

I’m hoping this time I can stay on top of reviews.


I’ve reset once, nothing too drastic. I joined when wanikani was in beta. I was only 16, and didn’t have any means to pay. So I stopped coming back once I completed my first 2 levels (I know, I was horrible D:). And then in 2015 (I think?) I got an email saying they had another free level, so I came back. Unfortunately by that time the reviews (it was few, but seemed so big to me :D) had piled up and I had no idea that I could reset so I eventually gave up, since I was busy with school.

3 years later, here I am again! =D I was going to make a new account and then found out that you can reset instead. So back to level 1 :smiley:


Just reset back a level now…I was level 9 and still had at least 50 more vocab from 7 to do…and all of 8…didnt feel like I deserved to be 9…got carried away with that re-order script. I’m going to finish the vocab from 7 before I start doing the stuff for 8 this time.


I reset twice. I pretty much stopped reviewing for 3 months to cram for the JLPT because I needed to concentrate of the kanji that will appear on the exam and I felt WK was going too slow. I forgot to “go on vacation” and accumulated a large number of reviews. I also realized I remembered none of the words in the past 2 levels or so. So I decided to just reset.

Then after the exam, I tried getting back on WK. Let’s just say I failed in that because I pretty much forgot all my Japanese. I got frustrated and rage quit. Again, I forgot to put it on vacation mode. I pretty much avoided anything that spoke Japanese for months. (I spoke to my only Japanese co-worker in English; I didn’t feel bad coz he wanted to practice his English anyway.)

EDIT: yes, I did forget my Japanese after passing my JLPT N3. :rofl:

3 months later and almost 1000 items in my review queue that I was getting 50% correct, I sucked it up and reset to an even lower level. I cleared my 400+ review queue and I’m hopefully back on track.

So I went from level 22->18->15 (or was it 14?). Moral of the story: vacation mode is a thing.


Twice. Got to 23 and fell way behind in a super busy period in my life and reset to 11. Then got to 27 and felt I should be spending more time on listening and reading - missed previous tries on the JLPT N4 by knowing a lot of kanji, while slow at reading, and bombing the listening. Reset to 1 and using WK for review while reading more every day and taking 2-4 lessons a week at Feels right. I intend to get to 60, but more importantly I want to get more fluent.


once, and if i can help it, it’ll stay this way.




you are a trooper, mister anderson


I’m waiting for the new context sentences for levels 21 to 30 to be finished. But at the same time, I also don’t feel like being stuck at level 20. So I go back to 11. Turns out, now that I’m reading the context sentences from level 11, I can’t remember any of them at all! :rofl:


Twice - the first time from around level 20 to 1 - I had basically stopped doing it, partly because the kanji were getting too hard and too similar and partly because I knew all these kanji and still couldn’t read / speak / understand any Japanese
Second time from around 20 to 1 again - I stopped for exactly the same reason - and there were just too many reviews per day for no perceived gain. So I stopped to go and do some other Japanese resources.
I started for the third time, as I started to find that my lack of kanji knowledge was holding me back (and aggravatingly, I couldn’t remember the meaning / pronounciation for those kanji I could remember). Which feels like a good motivator. This time, I’m limiting my reviews to 20 a day (ie I do no lessons if that will take the review counter for the next 24 hours over 20), my lessons per day are limited to 3. And I’m still doing as much other stuff as possible (auido lessons, duolingo, bunpro, reading books and twitter articles etc), so that learning the kanji feels relevant.


So that’s why you’re back to 11! I was about to ask if I was going crazy or something.


well you’re 60 already, so it’s not like you’d be in a hurry :slight_smile:


Can’t wait until I’m 64 :grin: