How many burns does everyone have?

I was just wondering because I took wanikani at a very slow pace I think I have enough? Level 10 with 225 burns ! I want to know for different people what their burn level is :joy:.



Take a look in the Luminaries to see a glimpse. Not sure if there are better or more recent lists among the study-budy threads?

But, I think the answer isn’t very interesting, but rather “how many burn items/ % were you at when you quit WK?” - Now that’s a question of some interest frankly!

As in, what was your WK stats when you actually stopped using WK?


This is me when I turned on vacation mode a few months after I hit level 60. That was a year ago.


Before I reset last week: don’t remember, wasn’t keeping track.
Since I reset last week: 0 burns.
225 seems appropriate for level 10, but I tend to not keep track of burns, so what do I know.

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I reset three weeks ago, so I won’t have any until October :smiling_face_with_tear:

I started using WaniKani in January and I have 0 burns at the moment. But I have 448 Enlightened. I am so looking forward to burning some of those.

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3282 Burns.
level 51 tomorrow I think.

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1384 burns atm

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3085 at level 28, but I’m guessing that’s an anomaly created by multiple resets to lower levels :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, apparently I had 1,681 burns on May 8, 2020 (level 28 level-up + 4 days)
One reset and many moons later, before levelling up to level 29 on January 24, 2022, I had 2,908 burned.

Now, at Level 37, I have 3,021 burns!

Edit: @Imtryingjapanese This should probably go in either the WaniKani or Campfire categories; this isn’t directly related to the Japanese language IMHO.

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I haven’t leveled up in quite some time and have just been working on reviews (and trying to get them back down to zero).

I just discovered I have done 99,999 reviews!


I currently have 517 burns. I’ve only missed a couple so far

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I am stuck in a very similar situation with many leeches. Maybe off-topic, but if someone has some suggestions for digging out of this hole, I would like to hear them.

0 burns, 940 enlightened though. I should start getting burns in a few months. Level 14

Mines a bit weird. I hit level 15 then had an 8 year gap and went full speed for the 30 levels since then, so it’s only in the past week or two that burns have started accumulating again. I’m averaging like 15 per day now. Basically almost everything 16 and below is burned, with everything 17-44 still in progress.

@s1dev IMO stop doing lessons entirely for awhile until your apprentice items is at a better spot. Everyone has a sweet spot, and for me that’s about 100-120 (ignore that I’m at 70 now…just leveled so that will be going up momentarily). Any more than 120 and I begin to get leech issues too.

When your apprentice items gets above whatever threshold works for you then it just builds more leeches, since you’re seeing so many cards that the leeches fail to stick even after seeing them repeatedly. Finding your threshold takes some time, maybe it’s 150, maybe it’s 60. Just practice your reviews until your queue is stable then tinker around with lessons to find what pace suits you best.


I have been doing wanikani for almost six months exactly and I just started burning items. I have 69 burns and I am also level 10. People
who go faster than me probably don’t have any burns at level 10.


I’m thinking of making some paper flash cards for my leeches or practicing writing them multiple times in a notebook, so that maybe the muscle memory of it will help me. I tend to get kanji like 在 and 圧 confused because of their similar appearance.