How many burns does everyone have?

1772 Been at it for a year.

Still zero. The first should arrive in a couple of weeks.

I reset to level one from level 21/2 (I can’t really remember now). It’s been 1 year and 3 months since then.

146 Burns so far.

im level 20 and not one single burn yet… :triumph:


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Took breaks here and there, I am currently level 31 and I have 3484 burns

oh no, almost level 12, but I have 0 burns!

But 917 enlightened.

Don’t worry about it - I was level 14 before any burns came up, and some don’t get it until the Death levels!

Yours will come pretty soon (about 6 months after you joined)

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Oh, that won’t be for a little bit then!

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According to the Real Score userscript I’m 97% done with WK. I can probably quit rn and be done with it, but WK has become a habit of mine so I won’t stop until my yearly sub ends (plus I still want to keep my review streak alive :p).

  1. You may wonder why someone as low level as me has so many burns. Well lets just say after some script abuse i had to stop doing lesions for a while to actually get everything down properly. Protip, dont use the auto enter script if you are the type to casually delete something if it the script doesn’t automatically accept the answer.

If you are going fast you don’t have any burns at all at level 10. Because an item needs about 6 months to be burned, you can’t burn anything if you reach level 10 before 6 months.

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