500 Burns!

Due to the fact that I am absolutely blazing through WaniKani at the speed of light, I’ve now gotten 500 burns at level 12!

To commemorate this momentous occasion, I’ve decided to do absolutely nothing!

How many burns do you have? When did you reach 500? If you haven’t, when do you think you will?
がんばって!jisho says usually this is written in kana alone


I don’t know when I’m supposed to start burning items because I have none so far. Do I have to do some kind of ritual?


Whoa, 500 burns! Congrats! :partying_face:
I have 0 burns but as you can see I’m still on level 10 :stuck_out_tongue:


:tada:Congrats!!! :tada:
I burned 500 not that long ago and made a post about it. :grin: Right now I made it to a little over 600! I’m Level 10. I’m actually going kind of slow compared to other people time wise, but I seemed to have burned earlier than them level wise like you. Congrats and keep going!


You start burning items 6 months after getting them to Enlightened. So it’s time bound basically. I went really fast, so I had around 2000 items enlightened and started burning my first items at level 21. The faster you go, the ‘longer’ it will take for you to burn items.

Right now I’m 50 burns off my 500 mark :sweat_smile:
For reference, my dashboard looks like this at level 24.


Yeah, I think at max speed you could get to level 25 or 26 before you get your first burn review.


Don’t believe @PosturelessHobo, the real ritual is giving the forums all of your credit card information including the three wacky numbers on the back :eyes: /s


Actually, what is the proper counter for burns? I figure they’re kind of like flashcards, and metaphorically like tortoise shells, so 枚 (flat things) makes sense. However, a case could be made for 件 (matter, affair, submission, post), 回 (times, occurences), 発 (shots, occurences) …

Anyhow, going to have to keep an eye on this for when I hit 666 burns. At this rate, it could well be that damned 六日; I look forward to watching it burn.

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Man I feel that. 六日 and 八つ still hurt me to this very day. Probably because I never took the time to take a good look at them. Maybe I should do that. Like, right now. Maybe.

I’ll do it tomorrow, probably


Congratulations! I have no burns yet :cry:. According to my Heatmap, I’ll have my first burns on Dec. 28th at level 25. I have 2,348 enlightened items, it’s a little ridiculous, I’m ready to join the burn club already!


Congrats! As far as I can tell from the WaniKani Heatmap, I hit 500 just last Friday, December 13th (spooky)

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None yet, enlightened to burn SRS interval is 4 months, so I’ll have my first burn in around 3.5 months.

It’s kind of scarry. well scary isn’t the right word.

the way WK SRS works once it is burned it’s done, or retired. But that doesn’t mean you memory of it is going to be permanent. it’s going to slowly fade away.
As in at that point onward you need other sources to keep it alive. As in you need to start reading Japanese on a daily basis for it to still be in your head.

So yeah getting getting my first burn items would be like a wake up call to stop playing around with SRSs and actually start using the language. lol

ps. I would have liked a 1 year retirement/burn interval, which is what I’m running in my anki decks, but that’s just me being scared haha

You can also use the self-study script to review burned items at any time!

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