KaniWani Woman Woes

Small rant :sweat:

Saw some people using KaniWani and started doing lessons and reviews there daily too to reinforce my learning and am getting mildly annoyed at getting these wrong :unamused:

Woman: 女、女の人
Girl / Woman: 女子
Girl / Young Lady / Young Woman: 女の子、少女



Synonyms can make this less annoying.

For instance, you could make 女子 and 女の子 synonyms on KaniWani, so answering either one accepts either answer.

Or you could add synonyms on WaniKani, like “not joshi” or “not onnanoko” to the respective items. They would then show up in your KaniWani prompts, once the sites sync.

If you just wanted to vent, that’s fine too, I guess.


I’ve been meaning to get into Kaniwani/KameSame but this is the single issue that has deterred me. How common is this problem? Will I spend an ungodly amount of time inputting synonyms just for the product to work seamlessly?

Does anyone have an exhaustive listing of the required synonyms to get this working right?

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If you’re doing it on KaniWani, wouldn’t you just do it at the moment you discover it? The “ignore wrong answer” button and “add synonym” button are built into the default KW interface for reviews.

It doesn’t seem like it would be that much extra work. And there’s no guarantee that what throws someone else off would throw you off, or vice versa.

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Oh my god?
I’ve never added my own synonyms, that’s a fab idea!

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(Are… are we witnessing the birth of the the Reversed-Cat-Heads-Gang or something? :scream_cat:)


Don’t go scaring the crap out of people like that :cold_sweat:

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KameSame handles this much better. If you enter a synonym it doesn’t fail the card and the next time it comes around the card will give a hint that it’s not the synonym that you entered. If your review pile contains the synonym that you entered than it will take that card out of your review pile. KameSame also gives you the option to add other English definitions and you can even select what the primary definition it will show at the top will be.

Kaniwani just didn’t seem to give enough information when I tried using it.


Interesting. So if I understand this right, KameSame already has the synonyms pre-programmed on their end so we don’t have to add them ourselves?

Yeah, more or less.

It happened to me on those same items (+mother and father) and drove me crazy too. Anyway I’ve decided I’ll only use KW for burn items or enlightened.

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i’ve tried both kaniwani and kamesame now, and very much prefer how kamesame handles synonyms like that.

i also find it just feels nicer, a bit more polished, like it’s not just the vocab ripped from WK, but someone thought about what problems might arise with the reverse process, and went over the items by hand to fix those problems.

KameSame at least asks you again and specifies that it wants different reading… In KaniWani you need to add alternate readings, otherwise it’ll drive you mad…

I left both around WK levels 8-9. Just too much, started to focus on grammar and reading. The best decision I made;)

I might do the same! ^-^

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