How do i manage

Hello, I have been doing exams for university for like 3 days, so I have been letting Wanikani go. Now that I have 80ish lessons because I leveled a few kanji, how do I do them before I level up? Do I do them all in a row or do 30 a day? I have 150 apprentices items.


Is there an urgency to do them all before you level up?


Kinda I am trying to keep a pace of 10-11 days a level but I am open to any suggestions

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Set number of lessons a day is more conducive to that. I do 10 a day and that averages to around 14-15 days per level.

I think I did about 15 per day when I was going at 10 days per level. (~150 items per level, 15 lessons per day takes 10 days to do them all)

You could also delve into the world of scripts and get the lesson reordering ones to smooth out the pace at which lessons appear in your queue, along with always doing kanji nearly every day, instead of having a week during your level up where you don’t even see a new kanji. (Do all radicals as soon as they appear, then do up to 4 kanji, and the rest of the 15 be vocab lessons)

(my routine is all radicals > up to 3 kanji > 7-10 vocab)


How many apprentices did u stop at?

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150 is a lot of apprentice items. It’s widely recommended to keep it under 100.

10 day levels are great until around level 15~20. At that point you start to see diminishing returns from WK, and it’s best to focus your attention elsewhere. The kanji become rarer, so you have to read a lot more to compensate for not seeing them as often.

To avoid unlocking a large group of vocab lessons at once, use a reorder script or the new lesson picker feature, and do a set number of kanji lessons every day (for 10 day levels that would be 4-5) then vocab for the remaining lessons. Don’t do more than 20 lessons a day.

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The answer is: Less is more
Start with a number like 5-10 for a couple of days + do your reviews. If you can comfortably, increase that number to 15 or so.

There is no single answer since everyone’s pace is different. The important part is don’t get overwhelmed by reviews.


What should I do after level 20?

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I used to do the ‘stop at x apprentice’ thing and it demotivated me a lot. (I used to float around ~120)

I hated the spikes in reviews after days where you’d maybe do 20-25 lessons, and other days maybe 0-5. Plus I’m bored of so many reviews.

I also didn’t like the inbuilt ordering where you’d do all the kanji in the first 2-3 days of the 10 day level up and spend 7-8 days of just vocab, the learning felt very bumpy.

First thing I did was start reordering my lessons as described above (I use durtles on android though, no web scripts) but my initial ratio of 4 kanji/6-10 vocab was off. I was levelling around 10-11 days but I created a stockpile of 100+ vocab lessons (whoops!). I also realised I wanted to slow my WK pace down too so I experimented a bit and found 3kanji/6-7vocab suits me really well. 15-16 day levels (which still has me on track for my level 40 by new year) but my daily reviews are about 150 max. My apprentice items float between 50-70 now.

I could do more workload, but I don’t wanna, there’s better use of my time now

I was planning to do all the kanji and radicals day 1 then all the vocab when kanji reaches app 4

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How much do you study a day?

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Not enough, that’s for sure!

I do my scattered reviews during the day. I try to do 3 ‘main’ sessions which is first thing on a morning where I do my 10 lessons and any lessons accrued over night.

One around dinner(lunch) time about 4 hours after the lessons to get the first review timing.

Final one towards bed time at ~9pm which is 8 hours to get the 3rd review timing.

Then if I’m just dossing about or on the loo or on my tea break at work, I’ll see if I have any in my queue and clear them out.

I’m doing quartet for grammar so I try to complete some exercises during breaks at work and I’m forcing myself to do more on an evening, and at weekends.

I need to get back into reading Pokemon and also doing listening practise but I’m getting beaten up by depression atm so anything I manage is a victory in my eyes.

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I try and aim for 1.30 a day so reviews makes it easier to reach without doing immersion


WK reviews are a crutch, if you ask me, I wouldn’t rely on them to pad out your 90 minutes a day. You’ll soon get frustrated at a lack of progress.

I don’t know how much other Japanese you know, but I’m aware you’re limited to what you can do at level 8 reading wise. Cementing grammar now will pay dividends in the future though.

Once you’re 15-20, having done a good amount of grammar by then, you are well equipped to be regularly reading things.


My current way is Sort by Level ascending, then do 15 at a time. (native Settings.)

Some people also recommend lesson filter, like how many Radical / Kanji / Vocabulary. Different item types aren’t the same in difficulty.

I also order Review by level (but not by type). I don’t really try to finish Reviews.


I do anki and wankani something I read anki takes like 20-30 min a day

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I’d be cautious of burn-out.

That’s a lot of SRS


If you know yourself well and have a good setup running then yes. But that takes a lot of practice and tweaking of default settings. It takes me around 20-30 min now, but it used to take ~1h in the past, because of the amount of cards I had in review daily, new cards, etc.

In that sense Anki requires way more of one’s own work than WaniKani.

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I know I am going through burnout right now, but someone wise said motivation comes and go so the only way is through brute force

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I am using 2k6 deck so I don’t really have to do much modifications

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